Women Raping Men: A “Survivor” Tells His Story On Huffpo (Video)

dont-be-that-girlSince we’ve been discussing how feminist, trans activist and liberal agenda-makers have been pushing the idea that women rape men, we decided to go gallivanting through the internets for any examples of women raping men. They are hard to find but we DID find this one gem from back in December and we loved it.

Former U.S. Marine James Landrith joined HuffPost Live, to tell his story of being raped by a pregnant woman decades ago.”  

The fun actually starts right in the title of the article:  “Women Raping Men: A Survivor Tells His Story To HuffPost Live.”


Did you SURVIVE??!!! Did you narrowly escape the brutality of her penis-envelopment? Were you afraid for your very life? Did you just barely get away from the pregnant brute and her savage treatment? Thank God you escaped!

For everyone who has been “educated” consistently by misinformation peddlers like this, take a look at the updated definition of rape that the FBI came out with last year: “The penetration, no matter how slight, of the vagina or anus with any body part or object, or oral penetration by a sex organ of another person, without the consent of the victim.” It finally includes men and that’s a good thing but what isn’t new and hasn’t changed is that rape is penetration. So this bullshit they push not only takes a giant shit on rape victims, it does the male victims of sexual assault a disservice. It forces us to compare and reduce women’s experiences by elevating sexual assault to rape instead of acknowledging that all people can have levels of non-consensual sex. Levels of consent and coercion are something that can be addressed but it is NOT the same as rape. And the constant need to make it the SAME will only highlight the difference unless you’re so far off the rails that only the Universe People can save you. 

According to the video, this man was raped by a sick penis-enveloping cunt. He was DRUGGED by a bitch who CLEARLY had no problem doing it and definitely does it on the regular, as marauding female rapists are wont to do because of course they are SERIAL offenders!! He is CLEARLY one in a long line of ugly doughy men who she has drugged, attacked and enveloped. And sick bitch that she is she spent the night and then hopped on top of this poor bastard AGAIN taking advantage of his morning wood. This bitch is a REAL piece of work and must be stopped. Ugly doughy men everywhere should be afraid to sleep on their backs lest a penis-enveloping rapist bitch comes along and hops on top of it and just TAKES IT! He just couldn’t hurt HER. That would be WRONG, he HAD to just submit and allow her to have her disgusting way with him…twice.


This guy is OUT of his fucking mind and they should be ASHAMED for giving this attention seeking douche-bag a forum. And they have the BALLS to call him a SURVIVOR. He was drugged and incapable of resisting BUT contradicts himself in the same SECOND and says he didn’t want to hurt her or the baby and was forced to submit. Which is it? Were you roofied by a serial penis-enveloping rapist or were you afraid to hurt her and therefore in between a rock and a hard place? Did you say “I don’t want to have sex with you?” “Get off me?” (anything?) “You didn’t give me a hard-on, I think you’re gross, the waitress is why my dick is hard, not you” did he TRY ANYTHING to stop this calculated rape attack? Because women are grilled by EEEEEVERYONE when they report SURVIVING a rape. They are always asked if they said no. But some dude has nothing but a story, literally a story, and it’s presented as fact…because…he said it on the internet. Because he’s just SAYING it, it’s PROOF.

What they SHOULD have posted was a conversation of normal sane people LAUGHING at this attention seeking DICK!!! No one asks him ANY follow up questions, they couldn’t even play a full interview with an attention seeker like this because he couldn’t go for one full minute without contradicting himself and putting forth BULLSHIT like the girl “certainly” had done this before and has no qualms about being the sick serial rapist she is.

When girls are roofied they either don’t know they were raped or know because of damage to their vagina. Or they have a spotty memory. THIS story is SUCH trash. He remembers exactly that he just HAD to submit because he didn’t want to be accused of being the aggressor. Did the PREGNANT bitch take off your pants and envelop you because you were too weakened by drugs to stop her or realize what her nefarious plans were, OOORRRRR were you afraid to hurt her and stop this sick crime from happening to you? If he reported this shit to the cops he’d RIGHTLY SO be LAUGHED out of the precinct. When your story is FULL of holes and NOT CREDIBLE you SHOULD be laughed at and shown the DOOR. But on the internet you become the poster boy for female-on-male rape and are celebrated for your bravery and survival. Even though penetration is the DEFINITION of rape.

People have seen that Demi Moore movie WAY too many times. Disclosure. The very SECOND more than 4 unmarried bitches got a little power, it is time to show how women abuse their “power” and are just as vile and DISGUSTING as the worst men can be. Of course it was born in the 90s. It was the first time more than 6 bitches had any power at all.

There is a devastating rape problem in the U.S. military that desperately needs to be addressed but instead the controlled left-wing media, online and off, uses their platform to draw attention to bullshit stories like this one where a marine says he was roofied and raped by a sick penis-enveloping bitch. We used to think only Fox News worked this tirelessly against women, apparently we were wrong, apparently Fox News could learn a thing or two about working against women from self-described feminists.

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