Why Won’t Gay/Trans Inc Allow Anyone To Talk About The Difference Between Transsexuals And Cross-Dressers?

More on Planet Fitness controversy: Why is it okay to codify into law that whatever any person SAYS about their “gender identity” must be obeyed legally? Why can’t we talk about this issue? Why can’t we talk about the difference between transsexuals and cross-dressers? Why can’t we discuss that there are precious few transsexuals in transition with an intent for bottom surgery but there are A LOT of cross-dressers who get off on perving on women while wearing women’s clothes? Why is Gay/Trans Inc. so immovable on this issue? We know the answer but it’s time people started asking these questions themselves.

Why would Gay/Trans Inc. not even consider that many women have a valid concern? They refuse to even get to the point of discussing anything, they simply label any concern “hate” and shut down any woman who raises her voice above the din. Any questions or concern about dangerous policies that just throw open the doors of women and girl’s spaces are not only linked to “hate” but are considered tantamount to murder. If a woman has a concern that maybe the dude in the dress perving on her, or on himself, in the locker room might actually just be a dude who likes perving on women, she is viciously attacked and smeared as a hateful cunt who perpetuates violence against transgenders. Talk about blaming the victim, this kind of thing turns the victim into the perpetrator in one fell swoop. But this is all from Gay/Trans Inc, activists and “advocates”, NOT from every day transsexuals who are just trying to live their lives the best they can. MANY trans are willing to compromise somewhat, but the rabid media dogs don’t want to budge an inch and they are the ones controlling the narrative.

No one, least of all us, want to force transsexuals to have a harder transition but what trans activists have ultimately lobbied for is to have perverts (and there are way more of them than there are transsexuals) to have free reign in all women’s and girl’s spaces. Why can’t we talk about this? Why can’t we talk about instituting some sort of measure that will not turn every safe space for women and girls into a sexual smorgasbord for cross-dressers? WTF is wrong with Gay/Trans Inc. that we can’t even discuss this? Transsexuals are under the care of medical professionals, it wouldn’t be a big deal to give them some kind of documentation with an expiration date that states that this individual is in transition, under the care of a doctor and is currently undertaking their “living as a woman full-time” requirement before being approved for sexual reassignment surgery. Done. Transsexuals would have it easier during transition and cross-dressers would have to jump through some hoops to get access to the women and girls they want to perv on. Transsexuals have to jump through those hoops anyway just to transition so it wouldn’t make their lives more difficult, it would actually help them. But Gay/Trans Inc. isn’t interested in helping transsexuals, they’re interested in removing any and all barriers put in front of men who want to do what they want. Would some transsexuals fall through the cracks if there was a Medical Note/ID Policy? Would some cross-dressers get through that safe-gaurd? Sure, but that’s the case with all policy. Right now the policy is: because of an infinitesimal number of human beings who are transsexual and are in the process of transitioning, now a large number of self-professed perverts have free reign to enter all safe spaces for women and girls. This doesn’t make any kind of sense and would not happen to any other group. It’s happening to women and girls, and nobody will even consider discussing it let alone look at it from a remotely fair, objective, or equitable position. Ask yourself WHY that is? It’s fucked up and needs to change but it isn’t going to change until people start giving enough of shit about women and girls to demand we at least have this conversation.

Gay/Trans Inc. are dead wrong on this and they know they are dead wrong, which is why they refuse to even allow people to talk about it without attacking them as hateful demons who supposedly want all trans people dead. The LGBT is OUR community and our community is doing really fucked up shit, it is our duty and it’s your duty to say something, even though that means the target will fall on you next and you will be attacked by the rabid activist LGBT tyrants. We’ve been talking about this for years now and it’s time more people added their voices to a demand for discussion.

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