Our comments: Maine can’t reach deal with nurse Kaci Hickox

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Ebola update: Maine can’t reach deal with nurse Kaci Hickox

Imagine if every person got to make a federal case about shit whenever bureaucracy inconvenienced them? Imagine if the news media paid attention anytime bureaucratic cock-ups happened? NO ONE is trying to infringe on her civil liberties OR doing so unintentionally. The quarantine was a cluster fuck of confusion when it first got implemented and she’s the one who had to suffer. WELCOME to bureaucracy. Welcome to the human race.

You sound the alarm in the news media when something is fucked either on purpose or through incompetence AND no one is doing anything to fix it. THAT merits the national spotlight. Because all a spotlight can do is call attention to a problem that ISN’T being addressed. This has been addressed. She is using this opportunity to make a political statement NOT because she was gravely wronged and needs redress. But she’s has to ANNOUNCE that she’s disobeying the quarantine and go bike riding around town like an asshole to keep the attention on herself even after she went back home.

Take your paid staycation and gfys, Hickox. We wish she would go back to West Africa and we could revoke her passport. God forbid a person like this ever had to really deal with having their civil liberties actually being violated. Holy shit.

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