On the Obamas and Bidens not attending Russian Olympics and etc

On the Obamas and Bidens not attending Russian Olympics and etc

Amid concerns over the anti-gay climate in Russia, the White House announced on Tuesday the U.S. delegation to the Winter Olympics in Sochi wouldn’t include either the Obama or the Biden families, but instead two accomplished members of the LGBT community.

Billie Jean King, a member of the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition and recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, was tapped as one of five members of the delegation for the opening ceremony. For the closing ceremonies, lesbian ice hockey Olympian Caitlin Cahow, was named as part of the five-member delegation.

Who can resist a game of lesbian ice hockey is something you’ll never hear us say even if we’ve had too much eggnog and were in the mood to watch stick fights. But it’s really something, the spectacle they’re trying to make out of this like LGBT are the reason they aren’t sending Mobama or Biden’s wife in the delegation. Please, gays. We haven’t had this much animosity between U.S. and Russian leaders in DECADES. Barely in our lifetimes. When we were kids it was all Perestroika and Glasnost and Reagan and Gorbachev having a love fest on camera. Now we have a liberal who’s supposed to be strong in foreign relations and they are drumming up more anti Russian sentiment than we have EVER seen in our lifetimes. And they’re using gays to do it. This isn’t about gays, sorry.

If you cared about gays or god forbid LESBIANS, you’d be focusing on places like Africa where corrective rape is rampant and the 76 countries where being a homo is illegal, Even when you expand the definition of illegal, you only get 83 countries. Guess what? RUSSIA ISN’T ONE OF THEM. And even the MOST ridiculous insufferable liberal won’t even add Russia to the list but they WILL put in a footnote saying there is an “anti-gay crack down” happening there. This is BULLSHIT and has NOTHING to do with gays. But Obama is good at using gays and will continue to do so. And notice as usual they’re using a lezbo. Why not trot out Billy Jean King to address, gee idk, CORRECTIVE RAPE?! But Obama isn’t having a pissing match with any African leaders, so, we drag out the dyke to snub the Russians, on behalf of gay shit that has nil to do with us. All off lesbian’s backs because that’s how gays, trans and libs roll, always.


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