This is the person who started the #fuckcispeople…

This is the trans-woman activist who started the now infamous #fuckcispeople hashtag on Twitter this past week that was totally ignored by the gay, feminist and lib media/blogosphere.












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No mainstream feminist, gay or lib media wanted to address the popular hashtag because trans-women can do no wrong, so, we decided to let everyone know what type of “activists” are responsible for “activism” like #fuckcispeople.

Activists like this are the driving force behind attacking Michfest, behind outlawing lesbian space, behind the “I Identify As A Woman” policy therefore you have to let me into every single lesbian space and all sex separated spaces like locker rooms, dressing rooms, bathrooms, having a female nurse examine you when necessary etc etc etc. This is what we’re talking about. Activists like this. But “fuck cis people”¬†goes against the LGBT “NoH8″ “Love Is Love” narrative doesn’t it? So Pink News defended trans-women and all of the respected trans-women activists who participated in attacking lesbians and feminists (mainstream, radical & otherwise) and did a whole thing explaining why they used it.

This screen capture (above) demonstrates the kind of person we are supposed to accept as a lesbian (or at the very least another “woman” lesbians must consider potential sexual partners otherwise be labelled transphobes via the Cotton Ceiling). The kind of person we are supposed to accept with OPEN ARMS into lesbian and woman’s spaces, into our communities and ultimately into our mouths and asses (we presume into our pussies as well but they don’t mention that, not “hot” enough). Because this is something lesbians ever think about: the “hottest” place to ejaculate, either on or in a woman’s mouth or ass. This is supposed to now be “lesbian” sex, where the vagina is not even an option because that isn’t degrading enough, it’s far hotter to ejaculate on her breasts, in her mouth or in her ass.¬† Gee that really sounds like lesbian sex. Doesn’t sound like porno influenced degrading heterosexual sex with a man or anything. If anyone were to read this discourse that trans-women commonly have ALL the time they would of course identify it as a discussion about LESBIAN sex by LESBIANS. Clearly! We’re just hateful cunts who want to “oppress” trans-women, it’s not that we don’t want to be fucked in our asses by males or anything, it’s not that this approach to sex and what makes this trans-woman HOT has ZERO relationship to lesbians, lesbian sex or how lesbians approach sex, that isn’t a REAL problem for us or has any serious implications for our lives or anything, we just wanna abuse an already “marginalized” group of people with penises and testicles.

Lesbians, oddly enough, approach sex from a FEMALE perspective, we only speak for ourselves here but as lesbians we don’t think about blowing a load in women’s asses or get aroused by the myriad places we can bust a nut on a bitch. For some reason we point out that when you are biologically male, you don’t approach sex from a female perspective and that fact causes issues for LESBIANS in our communities. So crazy right? We’re really such cunts. Why would that bother us and make us hesitate to accept someone as a woman and lesbian who is exactly like us?

In case you’ve lost your mind and believe that there isn’t anything inherently male about a penis, or testicles, or being hot for jizzing in a bitch’s ass, we’re here to tell you THERE IS. We’re here to tell you this is NOT lesbian sex. We’re to tell you if someone ejaculates inside your ass, it isn’t a LESBIAN or another woman. If you are similarly deluded by the ire and frustration vented on the #fuckcispeople hashtag, we’re here to tell you it was mostly anger directed at lesbians and women, not men, not patriarchy, not “cisnormativity”, not the MEN responsible for shaping our society, it is an attack on WOMEN make no mistake. The words may not have been all directed at women, but the GOAL of transgender activists like this is to make bitches get in line. The goal is to go after white women, because they run feminism and it is THEIR job to get other women and specifically lesbians in line and on board with the INSANE trans-activist agenda which ultimately ends with ejaculating in a bitch’s ass.

This isn’t happening to straight women, straight women have no idea, LESBIANS are the target of their agenda, so lesbian space is the target. We have said it a million times and we will KEEP saying it, the VAST majority of trans-women DO NOT have sexual re-assignment surgery. Once heterosexual or bi-sexual males transition, most with their penis and testicles in tact, they want their largest dating pool to become the LESBIAN dating pool. This isn’t about the daily struggles of trans people, it isn’t about being let into the bathroom at work or school, it’s about going to the bathroom ON lesbians. These are who extreme and hostile trans activists are and they do all trans people a disservice. #fuckcispeople for these types of activists is about just that, fucking. They are most definitely NOT lesbians or women like us.

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