There’s never been that big of a difference between the left and right…

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There’s never been that big of a difference between the left and the right. Big differences are fed vs state and taxation. Ok.

The main difference was that W was consolidating executive power and now so is Obama. And Bill Clinton was one of the ones who deregulated Wall Street. Typically a democrat would do the opposite. Typically a republican wouldn’t expand executive authority, W did the opposite.

It’s all just become this class thing and that is undeniable. People think it’s the rich vs regular people, no, it’s really corporate power vs the workers. It’s actually very Marxian. And Obama is no different and neither was W or Clinton. So these sort of perceived differences, there are some but at this point it doesn’t really matter, if you’re gung-ho for either party you’re just an idiot.

George Bush instituted tax cuts for rich people and Obama expanded those. Obama bailed out the banks with taxpayer money. If W did that you could imagine the cacophony of fake outrage that would have ensued. Occupy may have happened but they weren’t even so much as looking in the president’s direction. You’ve got to be joking. Were liberal “progressives” asleep for that? It’s amazing, really.

They flipped out over the Patriot Act under W, rightly so and Obama expanded it. Progs flipped out over DOMA but Clinton gave us DADT. They act like Obama is the gay savior, what did Obama do other than get rid of a really bad policy DADT put in by democrat Clinton? Great. Now gay people can be “out” and go kill and get killed in the army. And now women can go and become amputees and kill and get killed in the army as well. Wow that’s amazing Obama.

He “evolved” on gay marriage, he’s uttered some words in support, he’s done some shit for transgenders through the back door and got their “surgery”, breast implants, HRT, therapy, electrolysis and the rest of their cosmetic surgery paid for by Medicare when they sit home collecting psyche disability checks. Great. Are democrat talking heads really shocked and outraged that they got clobbered in the mid-terms? We think not. The psycho left are the ones that ruined it for the rest of us.

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