The Potty Mouth Princess video is not for a feminist org or any non-profit

Potty Mouth Princess director defends controversial campaign.

It’s to sell T-shirts. To make activism a BRAND. The FCKH8 T-shirt company is owned by a company called Synergy Media that consists of 8 dudes. Not a woman in sight. It is a lie.

It’s appealing to the politically and mentally lazy. The bumper-sticker activist. Who then goes and puts some more cash in the pockets of pimps. “Progressive” dudes who USE women and little girls to make money and further their own male centric causes.

It was a brilliant marketing strategy. But that is all it is. It’s just DUDES trying to sell you a T-shirt and make you feel like you’re doing something and are politically aware. So basically, if someone is sporting one of those T-shirts, it is an advertisement that they are a lip-service lazy fuck who doesn’t know wtf they’re talking about on any level.

If we see anyone in one of their various "activism" T-shirts, we’re going to sidle up to them and tell them about this lucrative investment deal we have going with the sale of a bridge in Brooklyn.

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