The Kids Are All Right: Our Review

Being that we made some commentary on this movie in show #70 we decided to each pay $13. to the straight men, the wealthy Hollywood actors and the Lesbian director profiting from this movie.
Here’s a clue for the small minority of people whining “But you haven’t seeeeeeeeeeeeen it yet” … uhhh… sending a Lesbian with even a droplet of self-esteem to see this movie is mistaken. It is INDEED about a “Lesbian” having an affair with a sweaty dirt bag sperm donor.

Simply put…this movie is f*cking disgusting.

At one point, I actually got weepy at the level of betrayal I felt knowing a Lesbian apparently co-wrote and directed this film. It certainly wasn’t due to the writing, story, or acting…that’s for sure. Annette Benning may be up for an Oscar? Huh? The movie is terrible and… it had maybe one or two moments at best. I went in expecting to get kicked in the face, but I was also expecting a really well made film after finding out it was the same director of High Art which I thought was fantastic. I didn’t expect this boring movie that dragged on and on and on to an idiotic non-conclusion. I gleaned absolutely nothing from this film except confirmation of the lengths sellouts will go to for five minutes of fame and recognition.

What were even more harrowing were the scattered half-laughs and whispers from the men and mostly straight white couples in the nearly empty Upper East Side Manhattan movie theater.

Vomit Spoiler Alert for Lesbian Bulimics: Julianne Moore’s eyes widening and her shrieking “WHOA! WOW! OH YES!” when she pulled down Paul’s underwear….. as if that’s what she’s been missing her whole life….??? listen, I have a weak stomach with certain things. I could have puked right there in the aisle.

Short story long, this movie broke my heart. I am saddened, angry and feel very alienated by Gay Inc. for not taking a single solitary issue with it. GLAAD issues dozens of inane press releases daily and they didn’t manage to find even the slightest inaccuracy or defamation in the portrayal of a “Lesbian” getting f*cked every which way to Sunday by a dude? Here’s news: the overwhelming majority of Lesbians outwardly reject this film. Taking some Jerry Springer situation and pushing it out to the masses and marketing it as a “Lesbian Movie” is horrifyingly irresponsible and sellout. There are so few films in mainstream involving lesbians, they know damn well how damaging this image is.

Well, let this be a lesson to Lesbians…..YOU are on your own.

Derrick Jensen said it perfectly, in a different context but it applies here:

“Identification with a community only works when the community is serving you as well.”

We are sick of movies and shows depicting “Lesbians” f*cking men. The End. And if the people who produce this kind of thing knew we wouldn’t just sit down and shut up and we’d hold them accountable, we could discourage it. It isn’t just a matter of a difference of opinion …this film perpetuates the damaging myth that only men’s sexuality is certain and Lesbians are not really Lesbians, especially when they are more feminine.

We are really over it.

I’d sooner support a movie featuring finger puppets than this one.

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