The Facebook/Instagram #FreeTheNipple thing is so ridiculous

There’s enough places you can see tits on the internet. There’s no dearth of tits online. And there is nothing wrong with having virtual public space without tits, k? Stop acting like you’re being “oppressed” because you can’t put your fake tits on Facebook.

It’s amazing what the blogosphere pays attention to and turns into an “issue”. It’s a public space. The public has spoken, nobody needs to have your tits in their Facebook feed. It’s ok for us to have a few tit-free places. What separates Facebook from other social media is it makes an attempt to be family friendly as opposed to a degenerate playground for juveniles who can’t keep a girlfriend. We already have that, it’s called Tumblr. If you really need all your Instagram and Facebook friends to see your fake tits just link to your Tumblr. It’s not like Facebook is the only place it can be. You have your pick of places where you can enjoy tits and others can enjoy your tits. Your tits aren’t being infringed upon.

We know it’s shocking but there are adults who don’t want to have porn as part of their daily lives everywhere. Most people keep their porn separate from their every day, all day existence. We know it’s shocking but it’s still MOST OF US. If you pay attention to the media you would think degeneracy is the norm. Guess what, most people don’t smoke pot every day. And most people aren’t porn and drug addicts. If they do decide to indulge it’s usually in private and it’s not all day every day. Porn and drugs do not define their lives.

If you want porno to be part of your every day daily existence you are part of a very tiny minority and yet you have a plethora of options to do that if you so chose. There is a multi-billion dollar industry ensuring that if you want to live the life of Caligula you’ll be able to do that. You can go fly your freak flag everywhere else online, we’re not interested on Facebook. And making it “political” is bullshit. Is it really cramping your style that there is one or two places that you can text your grandmother in public without tits everywhere?

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