Thank GOD For Feminism, LGBTQ, Trans Activism and the Extremist Left! How Else Would We Know Women Are Rapists?

male-abuseThank GOD we have feminists.

Us women have to be careful when we’re around other women, we might get raped.

And all this time we were pissed, meanwhile they were just trying to protect us from rape, not trying to advance their careers at our expense or anything. Now we know, you can’t let your guard down around other women, she may physically overpower you and rape you with her lady-penis. They CARE about us and want to help us, feminists, lgbtq, trans activists and the extreme far left.

And hey, you better never ever forget women rape men. Men have to be careful around women. The threat of female rapists is real. Hide your husbands hide your sons. Rape isn’t just penetration ya know! (Even though it is, even legally). Rape is envelopment too ok?! Bitches wanna forcibly envelop their penises!

We now also understand that birth control IS a lesbian issue, our girlfriends can impregnate us. Thank you feminists, lgbtq and trans activists. Omg we would be lost bitches without them. We could get pregnant from a lady-penis. We sure as shit wouldn’t be able to navigate OUR life without feminist, lgbtq and trans activist’s learned input and guidance. Imagine, we got THIS far thinking rape happened to women and if you have a dick you’re not IDENTICAL twins with women when allllllll this time we were totally wrong!!! Women are out there brutally and savagely enveloping penises and we could have gotten pregnant from another lesbian because like stupid bitches we’re not on the pill!!!! 

We thought feminism was about making life easier and better for women but apparently we were wrong about that. Feminists want to make sure everyone knows women are equal to men, that’s what is important. Gender Equality. They want to make sure you see other women as a threat the same way you see men. Women rape, make no mistake about it, you are not safe.

We wonder if most people who support feminism are aware they aren’t supporting making the world better for women but an agenda that includes things like women are rapists and can get each other pregnant.

We actually KNOW what is going down in the feminist, lgbtq and trans activist world. They don’t introduce stuff in normal words like we do. They come at shit through the back door. They don’t have a big sign or a page that says WOMEN RAPE TOO. Or bitches with cock and balls are ladies that are IDENTICAL twins of women!!! They bring that shit up in an article, in a conversation, in context. They HIDE their purpose in things, they don’t flat out SAY it because then people won’t accept it. They don’t SAY, “Women are JUST as disgusting as men at their worst and we MUST put forth the idea to destroy gender. Patriarchy has no dominion over rape. Women rape too. If we’re gonna be EQUAL we have to be just as gross!!” WE know this because they are proponents of rigid psychopathic exception to the rule “equality”. WE know this because they love saying WOMEN RAPE. They point it out allllll the time as often as possible. They rarely miss an opportunity lately to point out women are mad enveloping rapists! 

They are all sneaky, conniving and manipulating so people never THINK about the shit they say because it’s all hidden in the rabbit hole they drag you down. It all HAS to be a pseudo-intellectual exercise because if you thought or talked about it plainly NO ONE WOULD BUY IT!

Of course some exceptions to the rule exist. But a few pathetic 25 year old attractive women teachers letting a 15 year old male student bang them is not rape. Women CAN behave badly and inappropriately just like men. All people can. But that isn’t rape. And calling it rape degrades rape and slaps rape victims in the face.

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