Stay With Me

So this song is ripe for being over-played on the radio and girls of course love it.

What’s interesting about this song is that it’s a man singing about the loss of intimacy. Essentially how one-night-stands suck but hey, I’m a dude and I need a warm body sometimes so don’t just pop-up and leave, hold my hand, lay with me, I know it isn’t love but we all need something.

It’s very interesting to hear a man lament how much hook-up culture sucks and how he needs intimacy. That actually used to be part of sex. It fits nicely with the shit we were talking about yesterday. Even straight men don’t think hook-up culture is great. And far too many people only have that hooking-up horror available.

We honestly don’t know how any young straight people get together now unless they have some kind of values. There is so much pressure to be gross and no one even likes it. BUT the second interesting thing about this song is just how ROMANTIC girls think it is. The bar for “romance” and acting like a civilized human being when it comes to “dating” relations has fallen so LOW that a song about how this clearly isn’t LOVE but stay with me for a minute anyway after our mutual bowel movement interaction, is now considered ROMANTIC and will afford this British gay-looking dude with unfortunate 90s inspired style, TONS of pussy, if he so chooses. It is pure audio irony. And side-note: when is the last time you saw that hair and a big gold cross earring on a man? Feels like we’re 15 years old. Like Vanilla Ice is about to become a break out star! =}

Sam Smith – Stay With Me

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