Ssshhhhhh…Silence Enables

We said maaaany men f*ck kids. And it’s a fact. And we are supposed to be silent because if men f*ck kids, then gay men fuck kids, and we are supposed to have their back and help them be cast in a positive light. But f*cking kids legal age or not is gross and it shouldn’t be swept under the rug just because gay men do it too.

It’s a larger picture and a larger problem that men have no shame about wanting to f*ck teenagers especially when it is legal. And gay men are no different in that respect. But we must be silent about it because the society at large condemns gay men when they do it. They should condemn all men for doing it. We should not have to tow-the-line just because gay men can be as gross as straight men. And we didn’t just point out gay men do it. We said men will fiercely protect their RIGHT to f*ck high school age kids. And shine a twisted light on it because it is legal. It may be legal but it isn’t right. And if saying so damages gay men more, then GAY MEN should stand up and condemn it. So people know there ARE men who would not take advantage of a person in an inherently subordinate position. Let gay men be the EXAMPLE of men who don’t think it’s ok just because it is legal.

But instead, as we have seen with ‘Elmo’s’ statutory rape scandal they largely rush to FIERCELY protect the image of ALL gay men INSTEAD of BEING the better men. And re-victimized that poor kid by smearing the ever-loving daylights out of him. 

If you are not going to BE better men and condemn it, we will not tow the line to protect your image, because it IS wrong. You want to be viewed better, BE better. As women we understand we have to be better than men to be considered half as good. It is the nature of being an oppressed and marginalized group. We deal with it. It’s not fair but it is so. And gay men don’t have a clue as to what real marginalization looks like compared to the lot of women in this world and many are also woman-hating as well. But defending gross behavior in order to protect your marginalized group, is not right. Be better. Don’t take sexual advantage of young people and don’t defend those that do. Then you won’t have to defend the image of all gay men, BE better men than straight men.

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