You better donate to GLAAD & HRC because they’re the only ones who can stop Putin from butchering gays and making beef borscht!

So as we are reading this and they of course mention the number of ACTIVIST arrests that day. Our first thought is agitators, no matter the issue or intent are always arrested, it’s part of BEING an activist/agitator and many of them do it for that aspect. The reasons are varied, oppression thrill seeking, “badass” thrill seeking and “activist cred”, nothing gives you activist cred like getting hauled off to jail and being “persecuted”, it draws attention to whatever issue you want addressed and the “arrests” end up being proof of said persecution. It is a hallmark of agitation and activism, getting yourself dragged away in handcuffs proves the establishment is abusing you.

Activists are arrested usually when they don’t have a permit to protest. They do this on purpose and forgo getting the appropriate permisson or organization. It’s far easier to make a name for yourself and bring attention to yourself and your cause when the world’s media is there pointing a camera at you being hauled off in chains. These are our instant thoughts, just a few sentences in reading this post. Then we get to the bottom of it and surprisingly Pink news confirms our thoughts (at the end of course). They were arrested for not having a permit and quickly released.

On the arrests made at the Olympic Games, the IOC has said: “We understand that the protesters were quickly released. As in many countries in the world, in Russia, you need permission before staging a protest. We understand this was the reason that they were temporarily detained.

As for the anti-propoganga law, it’s totally fucked and it’s terrible but it didn’t just happen. We posted on it when it happened. What IS new however is the Obama administration and Gay/Trans Inc. using gays to drum up anti-Russian sentiment. Undeniably, political positions and laws affect culture. Such a law will influence how people see and treat gays. However, no one looks at why such a law may exist. We do not agree with it, at all, BUT gay/trans culture is not “good” and “right” about all of it’s agenda simply because it’s gay and transgender. Gay culture, like all culture deserves to be critiqued. It is not outlandish that some people and cultures may have a problem with the promotion of the ENTIRE gay/transgender culture as being GOOD. Doesn’t mean laws desgined to haul gay people to jail are okay or an appropriate response but assuming that any and all criticism or opposition to gays/trans or gay/trans culture is simply rooted in hate isn’t okay either. The left has been pushing the “victim” role for their pet issues for far too long, turning “oppressed” groups into “protected” social groups that can do no wrong. And it has horrendous consequences for many who do not have a platform to speak about it.

There are many aspects of gay/trans culture that are damaging. Again, we’re not talking about individual gays or transgenders, we are talking about gay and trans culture. The damage should not be celebrated. And it should not be “protected” but spoken about. Rampant promiscuity and prostitution is not good for human beings. It does not help individuals build healthy and productive lives. Turning sex into just another base bodily function does not help humans build happy, functioning lives. Drug use and abuse does not help humans create healthy lives. Pornography and the debasement of another human which is the foundation of most pornography, does not help us have healthy sexual relationships. The absence of intimacy is not “good” for us. The debasement in gay porno has infiltrated straights HUGE, this is undeniable. The lacksidasical attitude towards prostitution in the trans/gay community, affects the straight world and people’s VIEW of prostitution where women are concerned. The fashion industry and entertainment industries, places where gay culture has been entrenched for decades, affects us all. It is undeniable that these industries affect women negatively and men as well in that it helps shape their attitudes towards women.

We could go on and on. Gay men and biologically born male trans-women are responsible for promoting and attempting to “normalize” many things that not only do not help humans have a happy, healthy life, but celebrate things that are not only bad for women but for us all. But since “homophobes” will use any proper criticism of the gay community TO oppress us all, we never speak about the “dark side” of the gay/transgender community. This robs our community of the opportunity of growing and changing. It sets us all up as special victims who can do no wrong and that DOES NOT help us as individuals or as a community. It hurts us. We may, as humans, have the RIGHT to pursue whatever paths we want but it does not mean these paths are “good” for us. Being gay or transgender or lesbian for that matter does not mean your behavior or conduct is above reproach. We all need to be pulled up short sometimes not only for our own good but the good of us all, gay and transgender or not.

The rampant misogyny in the gay/transgender community, sanctioned by lesbians and feminists, harms women, lesbians, gay men and trans. It affects us all. The “bitchy” “cunt” culture of the gay male/drag/trans-woman community is not “good” for us nor will it ever be. The PROMOTION of the negative aspects of gay/trans culture is not good for anyone. This is not something we believe should ever be approached legally but we do NOT simply dismiss Russians as frothing homophobes. There are a-holes everywhere, it’s not new, some men can be violent a-holes and their behavior should be denounced and punished. It should not be tolerated in a civil society. But the coverage of Russia’s “crimes” against the LGBT have everything to do with political fighting, both social and foreign relations and very little to do with the pursuit of civility and what is good for humans.

As we’ve said before, even the most insufferable a-hole or band wagoner can’t even include Russia on the list of countries where being gay is illegal. This anti-Russian sentiment isn’t about “freeing our Russian brothers and sisters from oppression” it’s BULLSHIT that has various INTERSECTIONS and two of the most important are ya gotta get the homos at home riled up about something to get the donations to keep pouring in (since we’re all making such strides here) and the other is the Obama administration is interested in drumming up anti-Russian sentiment and is using LGBT to do so. And certain LGBT are happy to be used because GLAAD and HRC and all the activists need keep the dollars flowing. Since all of the liberal and gay meccas have marriage equality they needed something to keep the “special victims” status so suddenly the T in LGBT (who they never gave a shit about before) has become all important. In case you haven’t noticed, Gay Inc. has started a re-branding process, making trans issuses the crown jewel of LGBT victimization. But trans issues alone will not keep the coffers full, Gay/Trans Inc. need crises and demons to fight and if they can’t find them here in the U.S. they’ll find them elsewhere. Gay marriage in South Dakota isn’t gonna keep libs and LGBT writing checks. And they aren’t stupid. Americans will care WAY MORE about seeing white gays abused than they ever would about all the brown gays in countries where it’s actually ILLEGAL.

And Obama tried to send Billie Jean King to Sochi, turns out it was an offer she could rufuse. If you give a shit about lesbians how about you do a little something about Corrective Rape and Female Genital Mutilation? But then again, in Africa and Asia there are’t that many cute lil white girls to start bands like Pussy Riot. What sane person isn’t sick to death of all their bullshit? Gay marriage is being won here state by state so Gay Inc. had to go make a “Big Bad Enemy” out of the Russians. We don’t think it’s right for anyone to be abused or arrested over some bullshit like being gay but just because we’re lesbians does not mean we are going to be manipulated into spending our time, energy or hard earned money on the exagerated plight of Russian gays. Way more women in this country get raped and abused. Gays and transgenders don’t help us with that, they make it worse. You have got to be kidding if you think we are gonna be taken in by Gay/Trans Inc’s bullshit. And hey lezbos, how about maybe doing something for other bitches once in a while?

We can not stomach the hypocrisy of Gay/Trans Inc., their underhanded and self-serving methods, or the load of bullshit they dole out. Just because LGBT catch some flack does not mean all things gay/trans are good and above reproach. Gay/Trans culture is fucked up and misogynistic; it hurts women and lesbians. What is good for women will be good for lesbians. What is good for gay men and transgender-women is not necessarily good for women OR lesbians.

It has become painfully clear that what gay men and trans-women want is their “rightful place” at the head of the table. They wanna be the full fledeged privileged males they were raised to be before they figured out they were gay or trans, and somehow less than. What they are not interested in is CHANGING how shit works for the better, they are interested in THEIR rightful place at the top of the food chain. So WE are not interested in their plight or having them reach their goal off our lezbo backs.

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