SESAME SEX: ‘Elmo’ Resigns As Second Man Files Lawsuit Over New Underage Sex Allegations

We’ve been waiting for this. Waiting for another accuser. We love how they ALL have to EAT IT now, all the people who smeared the hell out of the first kid. Gross pig had to resign because he LOVES f*cking lil boys. And this is what happens with dudes. You aren’t supposed to say shit. You’re a boy, you loved it, you wanted it. You’re making it into something it isn’t. You’re hurting the gay community!!! NO you PIGS are! Stop f*cking children! Because maaaaaaany MEN love f*cking children period.

And the bigger picture is THEY are the ones ruining it for PBS.

We KNEW this f*cker groomed them and used their asses. So many in the blogosphere came down SO hard on that poor kid and smeared the F*CK out of him now they HAVE to eat it! And by the way yesterday the first kid said he wants to return the settlement money, hope he gets to keep his money now AND tell the truth. 

And they are now in the process of smearing the new kid because he wasn’t “penetrated” by Clash, this is the level they are stooping to to defend Clash so it should be said that masturbating a 15 year old child is sick degenerate behavior. We don’t care if the kid did take pictures of his ass fully clothed in his underwear. YOU are the ADULT. 47 year old men should not f*ck children. It’s GROSS!

(Pictures of the boys are in the linked articles.)

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