SCUM Having Fun

SCUM having fun!!! this is the most hilarious fucking thing on the planet! 

-SCUM was a theatre play that took place in Gothenburg, Sweden, in November of 2010. The play raised questions about our social patterns and gender . The show was an artistic experiment with a high pulse and sharp humor. The video ” SCUM having fun !!! ” was part of the marketing for this theatre play. The video is not an incitement to violence . The inspiration for the video’s imagery comes from movies like ” Inglorious Basterds ,” ” A Clockwork Orange” and “Fight Club “.


-“The guy who was shot had been tried on multiple counts of rape and murder. The uber-liberal Swedish judicial system found him guilty on all counts but, because of procedural technicalities, he was sentenced to time served while awaiting trial (about 3 months) and 5 years probation.”

note: if you’re suddenly “sensitive” to dark humor, and/or have no sense of humor, you can instead turn on your tv or go to the movie theater and pay to enjoy one of the thousands of tv shows or movies where a woman is being brutally beaten, raped and/or murdered in an elaborate detailed display, for your viewing pleasure. you know, if that’s more your thing. OR just read todays news! 

UPDATE: naturally, douche-nozzles reported the video and got it pulled from youtube BUT we got it back up again AND will do so again and again. only thing is you may have to be logged in to youtube to view it because there may be an age restriction on it, which is fine. people’s reactions to it reminds us just how much people don’t think, don’t have their own opinions, and just how elevated males truly are in their minds. we’re not surprised many people, even some little ‘imitation men’ women, don’t find it funny (even though it’s hysterical) but if you can watch it (even w/o knowing the guy is a rapist murderer pig) and think it’s promoting the murder of  poor innocent victimized men, then you don’t have enough of your own problems, and you don’t know fuck all about real violence. they refuse to consider that there might be something that they are missing. that just maybe, it isn’t simple boring hatred that they can point their fingers at and adopt the OBVIOUS superior position so they can feel elevated and evolved. that maybe it was SUPPOSED to cause a reaction by inverting the type of violence we are inundated with on the daily and accept without a thought. “But ALL violence is WRONG waaaahhhhh!!!!” “Matriarchyyyyy waaaaahhhh!!!!” then why aren’t you protesting the daily rape and murder of women? or domestic violence? AND the vulgar promotion and sexualization of ALL OF IT in ALL forms of media? or how about male on male violence that turns inner cities into the fucking wild wild west? why is the one example you have EVER seen of “senseless” violence by women against a man motivating you?

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