Russia, Obama and Hope and Change

So Russia is now openly hitting U.S. backed rebels in Syria. When the Russians first started bombing in Syria they claimed they were hitting ISIS targets but now you can’t even pretend that’s what’s happening because 90% of their strikes have hit what’s left of the Free Syrian Army which is who we’ve been backing against the Assad regime. If you look at a map of the bombing targets, you will clearly see Russia bombing the shit out of rebel territory. As usual, we (the U.S.) are being huge cowards and haven’t even instituted a no fly-zone over areas we are backing in Syria. The Russians are not only flying over and bombing, they’re lobbing rockets from warships in the Caspian Sea. We, of course, are in no hurry to have any kind of escalation with Putin but being a liberal progressive pussy really doesn’t work so great with that guy.

As usual, Putin is openly and flagrantly spanking Obama. Russia really doesn’t have the influence it wishes it had in the Middle East and all that Obama is doing is allowing Putin to showboat and potentially gain the influence he desires. When you’re dealing with a region that lives by “My enemy’s enemy is my friend” it’s not a great plan to allow Putin to continually thumb his nose at us. Putin doesn’t have the influence there yet, but this kind of thing is what will allow his influence to grow. The Middle East is, and has been for decades, a giant cluster-fuck nightmare for us and the absolute last thing we need is Russia gaining a foothold there to complicate what is already a horror-show. Obama wants to “get us out of the Middle East” which isn’t possible so he’s doing the next best thing: dilute the problem. He actually wants to embroil Russia in the Middle East, which goes along with what we’ve seen as his policy up to this point. He wants to spread the horror. He wants the strife in the region to be everyone’s problem. He wants more players effected, first and foremost the leader states in the Middle East so they start shutting down and leashing their own lunatics.

Obama thinks he’s so much smarter than everyone else and thinks he’s playing Putin like a fiddle, he allows Putin to assess him as weak which emboldens Putin and makes him walk into conflicts that will ensnare Russia in the quagmire that is the Middle East. It’s a huge freaking gamble. His entire approach of spreading the pain is a big risk. We’d feel better about attempting it if it were actually on the table and discussed but the nature of the policy is Machiavellian and therefore not something you can openly discuss and debate. We just don’t have the kind of faith in Obama to feel remotely comfortable with taking such huge risks. His manipulative plan to spread the pain, in theory, isn’t a bad idea but we just don’t think he’s the dude who can pull it off. It’s a long-term plan that the next president will have to be on-board with. We’re sure Hillary would be and probably Jeb and Kaisich but we don’t know if any of the others would continue or even be able to continue this kind of policy.

At this point, Obama should be doing everything he possibly can to hand the reins to Hillary. If you’re going to hatch a plan like this to shrug-off some of the Middle East burden and hand those lunatic animals more targets instead of just having them focus on us and the U.K., you better make sure the next president is on-board. If you want to make them a problem for the leader states in the Middle East, if you want to spread the pain and help Putin get his wish and then spring the bear-trap that is the Middle East around his ankle, you gotta pass the baton to a president who will continue with this plan. So far, Obama doesn’t seem to be doing shit to help Hillary but there is still a lot of time. If we see the media’s attitude toward Hillary change next year, then we’ll know he intends to pass it to her. Only time will tell and in the meantime we can watch Putin flip Obama the bird on the world-stage. Right now, Putin is dropping trou and mooning us. How horrible the world of men truly is when their high stakes version of frat-boy antics entail rockets and bombs. When mass destruction and death are their tools of irreverence and assertion. When the best plan that the great intellects who are seemingly above such machismo banality have, is to spread the pain, you know we’re in a world of shit. That’s the hope and change delivered to us by Obama…spread the pain.

It’s days like today that we thank God we were born women. Feminism in a few short decades truly has transformed our society. We’re the first to bemoan feminism’s many failures, but we do not live in and didn’t grow up in the world of our mothers and grandmothers. The long-link in the chain of oppression has been weakened and our world is different as a consequence. Why is it then that the men who are still in charge never consider empowering the women of the Middle East as a weapon against that brutal society? Instead of focusing on making things better for half of their population and watching the changes ensue, our great thinking men come up only with the idea to spread the pain. To hurt MORE men, so they’ll act and dominate other men. Their solutions only ever entail men. Another piece of Obama’s plan is to spread the wealth of men to more men. The more wealth and opportunity men have in the Middle East the more likely they’ll be to act when they feel the pain. When you have something, you get more pissed off if some assholes acting up cause you to lose some of it. Then you’ll put the smack-down on the assholes yourself instead of waiting for the rich guys in the West to do it. It’s all a very neat plan that utterly ignores the entire female population of the Middle East. That doesn’t even consider how transformative the liberation of women is to a society. Manipulate the men, that’s the plan. Too bad that’s been the plan of every single leader in the history of man. There’s no “hope” or “change” in that kind of plan, it’s the same shit men have done since the first Neanderthal picked up a rock and bashed in his neighbor’s skull. The details may be different, the modalities may be different but it’s the SAME plan.

Why not try something different? Why not try to liberate the women of the Middle East and drag their barbaric, antiquated society into the new millennium? It will take a long time, in the West we’ve still got quite a ways to go, but why not make a leap for them and us and do something different for a change? A plan that IS a change and does have hope. Liberation of women changes society, it’s been tested and proven. Let’s take another step forward in the West and choose a different approach, one that doesn’t simply focus on men and hurting and manipulating other men. Let’s try focusing on the women. Let’s try something other than simply spreading the pain.

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