Reducing half the population to paint on your fingernails; it is so profound because…

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… the paint on your fingernails isn’t making anyone think you’re a woman if you are male. It’s just you enjoying it. And the things they do to show they’re a "woman" and enjoy indulging in being a "woman" are so superficial, so minuscule. The tiniest little things like you grew your hair out or put a wig on, put make up on, nail polish, a dress and some size 12 hooker heels. Now you’re a "woman". HO-LY SHIT. Now you’re gonna demand we call you "she" and you’re gonna demand the entire world changes because you put paint on your nails.

Very little communicates that women are NOTHING to transgenders more than the tiniest superficial adjustments they make and demand immediate full participation in the world of the woman. Oh, you always liked pink and red nail polish, obviously you’re a lady. As thinking women, this is so deeply dehumanizing and offensive, it’s hard to communicate. We don’t care what trannies want to do with their lives, we only care that they now TAKE TAKE TAKE. They believe they can now take the essence of being a woman through fashion accessories and plastic surgery which is just another form of fashion accessory. Fake tits, fake lips, botox, wigs, hooker heels, all fashion accessories.

On what planet do you think a woman is just appearance? And then to tell someone that you "feel" like them is so offensive and gross and molesty and creepy scary. How the fuck do you know how we "feel"? You know what you feel like? You feel like a trans person. And you look like a trans person.

And their super secret hidden place in their brain is not a lady, it’s transgender. As women, we don’t have any idea whatsoever how (male) transgender-women "feel" because we’re not transgenders.

It’s as if a woman decided that she was actually a trans-woman in a super secret place in her head. If trans can have a super secret place in their head that they’re a “woman” then why can’t we have a super secret place in our heads that are transgender-women? We have bodies of women but our brains are transgender-woman. We were born with a female body that is transgender-woman in the brain and the soul, so we could transition from female to transgender-woman. Hey, this doesn’t mean that we are not trans-women! We were born trans-women in female bodies but ‘female’ doesn’t really mean anything anyway, so ya know. We’ve always been trans-women, We’ve always felt like trans women. We were born this way. We have a transgendered brain.

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