Our take on: Believe it or not, there are pedophiles who never harm kids. Pedophile ≠ molester

Who cares? If they never fiddle kids then no one knows they’re pedos and it doesn’t matter and doesn’t need to be discussed. If you don’t hoard child porn and you don’t molest kids then why do we need to talk about what gets men off? The ONLY reason to talk about pedos is they fiddle kids or consume child porn. Men who don’t rape aren’t worth talking about as a group. No matter what form that rape takes. Oh really, are there SOME guys who get off on rape but know raping is wrong? Who gives a remote shit what TYPE of rape gets them off? That’s so repulsive to even examine. To make us talk about. In public.

As adults we can all acknowledge that‎ there are men who exist who get off on rape but know it’s wrong so they don’t rape. You don’t get a medal for wanting to rape women or children but refrain from doing so. You are NOT a victim because some version of RAPE is what reallllly gets you off so you can’t have a totally and completely and thoroughly fulfilled “sex” life, dude. Most people don’t have that, particularly straight women. And what you reallllllly are into isn’t sex, it’s violence. That doesn’t make YOU a victim, it makes you a PREDATOR. Now we’re supposed to be filled with sympathy for the predator who doesn’t just do whatever the fuck he feels like to bust the perfect nut.

These men don’t want a consensual experience, they don’t want sex, they want VIOLENCE. Contrary to what is demonstrated in porn, sex and violence AREN’T the same thing. But the blogs are the sickest fucks in this scenario, not the pedo who wants to be congratulated for liking rape but not doing it. The blogosphere wants to celebrate that some men want to commit sexual violence all of the time but don’t. Amazing. Now let’s all discuss the type of RAPE he likes. Because that isn’t getting him off or anything, talking endlessly and in public about the type of rape he prefers. What human gets aroused when they discuss what gets them off? Hmmm dunno. This pedo pushing isn’t a disgusting exercise in arousing rapists or anything, it’s just public “discussion”. One that makes everyone else feel sick.

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