In case you thought someone at @Slate cared about trannies … they don’t.

Someone at Slate is trying to sell a book so they’re using it to frame what is happening now in Houston with HERO. Everyone is trying to make a dime off the trannies so they’re hawking this idiotic book.

Slate RT: ‏@jbryanlowder: Sex-segregated restrooms are an outdated relic

So yeah, improper reference to Victorian times, Slate. Rich people had indoor plumbing, everyone else did not. They used chamber pots and outdoor facilities. There weren’t public bathrooms in the sense that we have them now. Sure people used and shared outdoor bathroom facilities because they had to, no one had a bathroom so again, sure, in that sense they were “public” but not even remotely in the sense we understand it in modern times. In fact, rich people didn’t even have a bathroom in the Victorian era, it was in their bedroom, not a separate room. The SECOND the idea and technology was adopted to make going to the bathroom more private, humans jumped at it.

It’s amazing what little information these people have about history and how they skew it. And as usual the “progressives” want to REGRESS us and make it so we all rewind the progress we have made in the past 100 years. Disgusting lib/prog dudes already do, they love to piss in a bottle instead of dragging their lazy, unwashed asses out of bed to go to the bathroom. And now they can pretend that women not having to huff strange dude-shit is simply some paternalistic oppressive inequity done to women, like not letting girls go to school or learn to read.

While prog pigs argue over this bullshit and want to make it seem like they know something to sell some garbage book about toilets, there are tons of people on this planet who STILL do not have access to proper bathrooms or clean water. Girls don’t have access to menstruation products let alone a bathroom but we’re supposed to read this piece of shit by some white gay dude who interprets everything high from his perch of uber privilege and doesn’t even have the decency to know a thing about Victorian bathrooms and obviously neither does anyone else at Slate. ALL argued so dudes and dudes in dresses can perv on women and girls. Because newsflash: actual trannies aren’t too keen on gender neutral bathrooms, they don’t want be with strange animal men pissing and shitting either, they know they need protection too.

But in this white dude’s safe civilized world where he doesn’t have to be afraid for his life or of anyone invading his precious asshole, he examines this “silly” little problem from through his “educated” lens of hyper privilege and supremacy and set the rest of us peons straight about what’s REALLY going on with little women and the bathroom. Thanks, over-privledged white man, let’s regress even further and bring back the vomitorium and fights to the death.

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