Nobody’s Bitch Take On #OWS

AUDIO: Click THIS to Listen to Nobody’s Bitch Take on #OWS This is just an audio addition to the post. Wasn’t going to post it because I was very tired by the time I got to record this and was able to cover more in a blog post but decided to go ahead and post it anyway. Most people are moderates and not extreme douche bags so the bullshit on BOTH sides needs to be pointed out. Media has a serious lack of imagination and thought and their arguments are so weak even an autonomaton can smell the bs.  

If you’re not interested in the Occupy Wall Street stuff just skip over this one. And don’t worry, a regular new podcast is coming next week.

PS – Sound quality is awful. Long story.  



ok, some comments on Occupy Wall Street. don’t know where they are going with their plans or what the inner workings are…but we took a ride down to Zuccotti Park to check it out. would have never been able to say this without actually seeing it for ourselves but there is no question in our minds that those 700 arrests in the first few days had everything to do with the NYPD taking JP Morgan’s money.

(JPMorgan Chase donates millions to NYPD prior to mass arrests at Occupy Wall Street

msm media tv anchor/am radio harpies really think that people don’t know that wall street owns DC. it is testament to just how stupid they think their audiences are to shill such simple-minded bs like, “you’re an anti-semite! stop being so class-jealous!” whenever people discuss corruption in the financial industry. and ALL the rest of the miscellaneous harpies take their cue and regurgitate. of course the message there is that they make a decent living because THEY are so fucking amazing and talented!!!! it has NOTHING to do with being a shill whore and everything to do with their own outstanding qualities that make them so superior ESPECIALLY to all others in their particular niche!

who do they think these extraordinarily mild mannered little thrill seeking white boys and girls down at OWS are exactly? they are protesting their DADDYS!!!! and the other ones are just promoting their parents values! have any of these tv anchor/am radio & blogo harpies ever met an old hippie? they have some seriously nice shit. two and three homes, two mercedes or a saab because it’s alterna, a boat, and plenty of disposable income. hippies did just fine, better than most harpies. if it was an attack on “class” it would be mostly mexicans and women at OWS but they are too busy trying to get shit done and take care of people to go throw a protest party! mexicans send all their money south and women spend it all on their family and neither make shit.


we used to tune in to the msm trifecta and am radio once in a blue but it’s gotten too disgusting and just makes us feel dirty, we can’t listen or watch it at all anymore. being a media whore is practically sucking cock. if it doesn’t make you feel dirty to watch or listen then there is something WRONG with you. they think they have it all figured out!!! sure, you wake up with a black soul and Lucifer next to you in bed! but hey the money and fame are worth it while your in the spotlight!!! that shit must feel THAT great to them. why worry about tomorrow or being a human, they’ll pay for their misdeeds later!!! and they DO ALWAYS pay! we see it happen over and over again. karma is grand!

there is ALWAYS this undercurrent of INHERENT superiority in extremist conservative arguments. we just do better because we’re so brilliant or work harder. i didn’t have an easy life i worked blah blah blah, you mother fuckers wouldn’t know a hard life if it bit you on your lilly white ass!!!! NONE OF US DO!!! we’re AMERICANS!!!!! we don’t know shit about hard work! and that is how it should be! THAT is what we want to PRESERVE!!!!


who knows if OWS is already being co-opted, or what, but can’t say we’re mad at young people shining a light in the right direction — criminal activity in the financial industry.


this bullshit about them crapping in the park and it smelling down there is a bunch of …. SHIT. McDonalds is still letting them use the bathroom, if they were so disgusting they would have closed it off a LONG time ago. IF you want to know what really DOES STINK it’s TRASH NIGHT IN MANHATTAN! it’s the most appalling stench!! the ENTIRE city REEKS on trash night!!!

Zuccotti Park was quieter than a library when we were there the other night. didn’t witness any chaos at all. what WE saw was a lot of very mild mannered young people having a protest and very lax police. who knows, maybe the po-po are starting to realize that THEIR pensions could be next.

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