Our concern is, we want to KEEP those odds of contracting Ebola at ludicrously low levels

Vigilance from our politicians and health care professionals is what will do that. Thank god Cuomo and Christie took action because that is what will keep the odds at low levels. Expectations of vigilance from the public placed upon them will do that as well. Not acting like it’s no big deal and it CAN’T possibly happen here.

It is hubristic, racist and elitist to say it can’t happen here. Just weeks ago the chances of contracting Ebola in the U.S. were ZERO. So although panic and hysteria is certainly not a productive response, NEITHER is the OPPOSITE EXTREME response of apathy and dismissal of all concern. Stop being such psycho extremists and meet somewhere in the middle. Like adults. Instead of children or "cool teenagers" like blogos and talking heads who just KNOW ‘there like totally won’t be a problem because we don’t lick subway poles okay, Joshy?’ We are at the very early stages of dealing with Ebola here. Not so much a concern as of yet with transmission in North America, like it isn’t gonna kill people not telling them we can’t really say yet whether it’s airborne or not BUT it’s always a problem when they hide or alter information, regardless of the intent.

We understand calls for calm, HOWEVER, media, blogos and talking heads keep acting like it’s no big deal and if you wanna be "cool and smart" you’re gonna talk about how it’s more likely you’ll get struck by lighting and hit by a car at the exact same time than contacting Ebola in the U.S. Can the adults please take control of the discussion from the snot-nosed hipsters please? Thanks.

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