Ivy league hookers are like totally real! And they LOVE hooking!

CICkVOnWgAAdJ8YBlogs like Vice and Salon love to do endless posts about how hooking is just another profession. This post which is TLDR is about a simple girl from Princeton, who after graduating, decided to do what she loves … hooking. You’d think a woman from Princeton wouldn’t be this stupid to think that sex in your personal life is anything like being a hooker. But we’re supposed to believe her ‘fun’ and simplistic bullshit. Me like SEX! SEX GOOD! Me want money for good fun sex! Me went to Princeton! Me smart! You stupid. You no get paid for good fun sex! Me SMART!

No wonder this country and feminism is in serious decline when our best and brightest are willing to pretend to be this dumb to “humanize” and “rationalize” the pimp lobby’s pathetic prostitution make-over campaign. It isn’t a surprise however that she doesn’t give a remote shit about the vast majority of hookers who have to take strange rank dicks in their orifices when they aren’t aroused at all. Women who have to disassociate from their minds and bodies to make a fraction of the cost this retard paid for the winning lottery ticket she calls an education. You’d think an Ivy league educated woman would be more than an unwitting shill for the pimp lobby and achieve proper shill status and get paid for it like men do.

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