Is Obama the patron saint of children or an ailing con artist who’s losing his tricks?

If you wanna be a cowboy be a cowboy. Just be like this mother fucker needs to go and shoot a rocket at Assad. Don’t be such a sniveling, manipulative, underhanded fuck about it. Even though we would never be down with interfering we could at least respect the honesty. The deal is Obama wants to get rid of Assad and install HIS hand-picked rebels as the new leaders of Syria. A new regime. He wants a coup but he won’t just do it or say that’s what he wants to do, he wants to play games and pretend it’s about gassing children to death.

Syria is a mess. The one thing that is true is that the civil war in Syria absolutely does have implications for our national security. That’s why he wants to hand pick the winner of their civil war. But the United States has done this many times. It doesn’t work out well. The potential for destablising the region and INCREASING the threat to our national security is very real. He’s playing a very dangerous game.

Let them kill each other. We’re just gonna make it worse, as usual. We can’t be propping up puppet governments everywhere.

If you think going into Iraq made us safer you’re insane. We just created an entire generation of potential terrorists who despise America. It’s one thing to hate us from afar, it’s a whole other thing when you march into their country. How would anyone ever believe America’s bullshit ever again? Going into Iraq and Afghanistan did not make us safer and it didn’t do shit for them if it’s children you’re so fucking concerned about. Do you think Iraq and Afghanistan are bastions of freedom and democracy now? Are you kidding? Take a vacation, you going there next summer? You tell us.

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