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Official media reported that Russia is sending more ships to the Mediterranean, not a ton of places, but it’s out there.

BUT, Alex Jones and Anonymous operations and places like that (it’s all over twitter) have been saying that China is also now sending ships to “observe” wtf is going on there. We found where they got their info, it’s from a Russian site, here is a translated version of the Russian info.

They cite an “amphibious assault ship”, which is not something you send on an “observation” or “fact finding” mission. We don’t believe anyone wants shit to jump off, but this chess match just got more serious, all the major players are putting in an appearance, not to mention all of the countries IN region.

Turkey has nukes, Iran is trying like hell to develop them (who really knows what they got so far?), Israel has nukes but doesn’t admit it, it’s an open secret. The Israelis and Turkey are allies but Iran fucking hates us.

The Israelis are reporting that Iran pledged their undying support of Syria but Iran says they aren’t sending any weapons or troops BUT a few months ago sent 4k troops after we armed the “rebels” who are a loosely “united” group of factions who all just hate Assad and have nothing else in common. They’re far worse than the LGBT and even less united lol. Iran WARNS us, to back the fuck off and says us interfering is NOT a good idea. Basically threatens us. The Russians are saying if we strike it will be considered aggression and that it will be an illegal action, violating international law and thumbing our noses at the security council, which it is.

China and Russia doesn’t want this shit to affect the world economy, they’re not fucking playing with their Rubles and Yuan.

The Israelis are concerned because if the rebels take over they could be far more dangerous to Israel than Assad ever was. Hezbollah and Al-Qaeda are among some of the “rebels” fighting, so plenty of the “rebels” are foreigners and not Syrians.

7 million Syrians are now refugees, 2 million fleeing into neighboring countries. a million of those 2 million were created in the last 6 months, mostly women and children. They have been streaming in droves to Jordon abt 700k, Lebanon’s numbers are between 130-200k, they just reported over 500k in Turkey. Tens of thousands fled into Iraqi Kurdistan, one camp there had three hours to build shit for the latest 5k who arrived, in August after the chemical attacks bitches and their kids have just been RUNNING anywhere that will accept them.

So these places are down with getting this shit under control so the flow of women ebbs but the answer isn’t simple.

Omg there is so much more but it’s too much for one piece and we have shit to do.

Just wanted to give you some info and context with what is going on with Syria but there is so much more. This is a great article to read, but needs context, it explains how we are being accused of manipulating shit, we have this video of a former Bush administration official losing her shit on media members and trying to cut through the bullshit, 3 against one but the other stuff won’t make much sense without this video, this bitch isn’t playing but it’s hard to fight every one of them on that panel.

We may do more shit on Syria if we have time, not sure. Explaining it doesn’t need to be done under a deadline but NO ONE is explaining it, you should see the BULLSHIT job places are doing with their Syria FAQs, utter HORSESHIT but with “facts” of course.

Oh, and you’re welcome to the feeb hacks and media and blogo dicks who make regular visits to our sites to steal our shit and act like they’re so brilliant now that WE broke shit down for them and never give us any credit. Love to the rest of you who deserve information that isn’t idiocy and/or lies.

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