Hollywood libtards advocating for more male nudity

Most of our friends, family, neighbors, colleagues and acquaintances are straight (or bi, same difference). Ummm, no one wants men’s cocks out ya retarded pigs. Don’t you think we’ve done that before? In human history? You think NUDITY was always taboo in all human cultures? OR do you think most men are so disgusting that social rules had to be instituted to prevent them from behaving like TOTAL animals? It’s also why we have separate commodes ie ladies rooms, women’s locker rooms, showers etc.

Instead of re-writing fake history in your blogs PLEASE read an actual history book once in a while, liberals.

Regressive leftist “progressives” (male and female) are severe dumbbells who have had atypical experiences sooooo they have a slightly different, over-privileged perspective from any random basic bitch. Doesn’t mean they’re not dumb basic bitches, they ARE.

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