Friendly reminder that the Lesbian Mafia does not make a dime off of your click

Friendly reminder that The Lesbian Mafia does not make a dime off of your click and we are not trying to sell you anything which is one of the reasons why we will always sound dramatically different than ALL media, blogosphere, podcasts, vloggers, feminists, LGBT orgs, Gay/Trans Inc and their mascots (despite the fact that they all try to sound like us but never will).

If you want to hear the various band-wagoning or divisive fear and hate mongering bs you’re going to have to go to all of the heavily funded news and blog outlets and etc who are all millionaires, deca-millionaires, hundred-millionaires, billionaires, or at the very least making a damn good living off of mass clicks and their audience being retards. A shit-whore is a shit-whore, whether they’re shilling for the right or the left. And they can all go fuck themselves. Making BANK on manipulating ALL of the masses. We aren’t wanna-be journalist, no-talent climber blogos trying to build a career by riling up hatreds and division or scaring people who really don’t need the stress in their lives. We share our vast experience and knowledge to arm our readers with real information because we care deeply about the people and issues we write about.

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