Rioting and protests that hurt people just make you a horrible, counter-productive a-hole (Ferguson)

She is a Nurse, small business owner and half Hispanic btw but that’s beside the point. She is talking about the Thanksgiving Day Parade and how Ferguson agitators were starting up shit there too. It wasn’t enough that during the week they shut down the Lincoln Tunnel and the FDR drive on the same day (weak minded high school students big surprise) screwing up already incredibly stressful rush hour traffic for WORKING and MIDDLE CLASS people. So now, also on Thanksgiving, poor working fucks who want to take their kids to the parade have to deal with Ferguson rioters who have shown themselves to be THE most counter-productive people on planet earth. It is ridiculous.

If you glance at twitter or daytime TV or cable news or some of the endless reports about Ferguson “protests”, one prevailing view becomes clear: The way to get JUSTICE is to hurt those the social justice warriors deem “more valuable” so the “big boys” sit up, take notice and act.

That in order to draw attention to your plight, however misguided, it is not only perfectly justifiable to hurt others but it is a REQUIRED step in order to get your grievances heard, to be taken seriously, to get something done about it.

Women did not get the right to vote by hurting people, setting fires or through theft. Feminism is woefully tainted now, it’s been de-railed and has a LONG way to go but it DID make real changes in our world and we did not arrive there through violence or holding people hostage.

They are focusing on hurting small businesses and individual people but PEOPLE also run small businesses. People need to drive through the Lincoln Tunnel to get to work, PEOPLE are trying to have family time at the Thanksgiving Day parade, hard working PEOPLE who get up at the ass crack of dawn to drag their asses to work every day and on their day off to those idiot black Friday sales in the hopes of saving a few dollars. They act as if these are all “inconveniences” that pale in comparison to the importance of their protest and that justifies all of their actions. In other words they’re basically saying: So some people are going to have to have their businesses robbed or burned down, OH WELL, getting shot is a worse fate, so shut up and deal, we NEED to hurt YOU to get ATTENTION and ACTION.

We not only vehemently disagree with this view, it is being implemented incorrectly. There are no demands. There is nothing that the “big boys” can DO to quell the actions of the Ferguson mob. There is no “right” they need codified into law, there is no judicial action that has not been initiated that could be the result of the protests (like w the Trayvon Martin case, Zimmerman was not even arrested until there was a huge outcry, and no one wrote about it more than we did). They are instead creating frenzied, “justified” and insatiable MOBS. They are insatiable because there is no specific result they want, let alone a thought-out step by step plan to arrive at a goal.

They wanna CRY that black men are endangered!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! RIIIIIOOOT!!! THIS IS AN EMERGENCY, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Ok, well how do we go about addressing this and what specifically is the problem? That’s a very provocative statement, that they’re ENDANGERED. But it doesn’t really tell us anything. If you’re implying that black boys are dying at the hands of cops and that is why they’re endangered, that is a flat out lie. Luckily for them though this is about black MEN, not about black WOMEN at all, so people WILL be willing to listen but what do you want them to listen to exactly? What problems within the black community do you want addressed? The first step is to IDENTIFY the problems, not simply scream EMERGENCY!!!!!!! RIOTTT. HURT YOUR NEIGHBORS!!! That is beyond counter-productive and profoundly fucked up.

We agree that changes need to be made within our police forces but changes within black male dominated culture and the black community itself is needed as well. We did not arrive at the Darren Wilson/Micheal Brown affair simply through racism. That is a gross over-simplification and pretending that “racism” is an all powerful evil that grows in a vacuum will not help or save a single Micheal Brown or a single black boy from incarceration. And as usual it won’t do a THING for women, black or otherwise but the “MOVEMENT” will certainly lean on and sap the energy of women, black or not. Women will be enlisted into this “justified” and insatiable mob and lied to more and more, convincing black women that their race is the greatest injustice done to them when in fact, none of this is about women at all, black or white. This is a male problem and it is not being addressed as such or addressed at ALL.

These protests ASK for nothing, analyze NOTHING, and give no tangible steps ANYONE can take to address any grievance. You’re all acting like marauding pigs, whether you burn down a salon, rob a store, block the Lincoln Tunnel or prevent already over-worked and tired working people from getting home until 3am in the morning or from making black Friday purchases. There is no POINT to any of this rioting, they haven’t thought past step one and don’t intend to. You are all “justified” in HURTING others to get attention but do not offer so much as one single step or demand to help the “endangered” black boy. So keep screaming and rioting and pretending you wanna help, the black community is in the state it is BECAUSE of all your liberal HELP. You are ALL thugs and it is all thug mentality. We don’t care if you are black and live in the projects or you’re bright white and live in one of Manhattan’s ivory towers, you’re the same if you are promoting, defending or taking part in hurting others. The difference is that those who live in the ivory towers and MAKE the policies that govern our communities never have to live with the consequences of those policies, the people in the projects and working class neighborhoods DO have to. And right now the mob has NO intention whatsoever of actually addressing the plight of the poor/working class black man, let alone the black community, or God forbid, black women.

They are all intellectually lazy and INDULGENT assholes who don’t want to put in the real work of addressing real problems in the black community. They will use the pretense of trying to deliver black people from racism to KEEP the black community in shambles. Constant cries of RACISM prevents anyone from talking about what is actually going on in the inner city. If you do not blame whitey and white privilege completely and if you treat black people with RESPECT and demand something OF them, you will be silenced as a racist, even if you are minority or black yourself. Which btw we have a black female police officer on board at TLM (well documented via podcast), why don’t you ask her just how many black men over a decade and a half on the force continually try to assault her and other officers (especially female officers) on the street? Ask how many attempted assaults in one day alone over the past 15 years. Ask about how just standing outside in uniform is a target on her back and will garner endless confrontations by black males approaching her IN UNIFORM popping shit in her face saying things like “Why don’t you take that gun out yo pocket bitch I’ll fuck you up hoe. I’ll show you what a good fuck is, hoe pig.” And that’s just the light lol stuff. So keep pretending that you’re HEEEEELPING the black community by defending the hurting of others. And that will ENSURE that the black community stays on the downward spiral it has been on over the past 40 years. Thanks to all of the white and bourgie black liberal’s HEEEELP.

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