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Cleaning out old files and found this video that never made it to the site. It’s of a dog nursing tiger cubs.

This video is what the mainstream “queer” LGBT and feminist community is like with Lesbians. Just because a dog CAN and WILL fill the need when the situation is foisted on her, doesn’t mean it isn’t unhealthy for her.

We thought this video was awful. The nursing especially. Poor dog. And it’s a perfect analogy. Just because their dog will fill the role that is needed does not mean it is good for the dog OR the cubs. Bring them to a tiger. Just because we find it adorable doesn’t mean it’s good. And if a tiger won’t rear them, then let a person do it, at least the person is making a choice, the dog isn’t. It’s a dog. A need needs to be filled so the dog does it. Just like lesbians. Lesbian’s are the L G B & T’s dogs.

In a few weeks those lil tigers are gonna be able to rip that poor dog to shreds. And they are babies, they won’t know any better, that dog is gonna be in pain and is gonna get f*cked up. That nursing looked painful as it is. It doesn’t look like that with puppies. And we’re sure that isn’t fun either. It looks horrifying. But people will watch it and find it heart warming. And the way the cubs were screaming omg.

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