Ebola: Left wing talking heads can go fuck themselves. Thank goodness Cuomo & Christie actually took action.

It’s in NYC now. So it’s time to stop fucking around and let people know the real information. Stop calling people paranoid and hysterical and tell them wtf is up. Stop misleading people by saying it’s not airborne, we have a nurse on board and she insists it must be treated as if it were airborne. Stop belittling people’s concerns.

No cause for panic, here are the facts and we’re doing something to make sure this shit doesn’t spread in NY and NJ, like a mandatory quarantine for workers who have been in direct contact treating Ebola patients, is an excellent plan.

Like we said, our president won’t do shit, thank god our states have an executive branch of their own, so SOMEONE can fucking do something because Obama sure as shit doesn’t intend to do jack shit to protect Americans. A few of us are expendable so drug companies can make billions selling a vaccine to us and finally the Africans will be saved. They weren’t gonna bother investing in making a vaccine to save people they couldn’t make billions off of, it’s not because of raaaaaaaacism. So they’re gonna bring it here, make the vaccine and sell it to all of us and save the Africans in the process because Americans will end up donating the shit to them or just flat out paying for it.

But this is the state of our media. Daddy O wants everyone to know it’s no-biggie. He likes to gamble with American’s lives. We don’t care why. We don’t want to hear the right wing or the left wing’s bullshit. Fuck you, fuck them and fuck Obama. We will never, ever vote for a progressive president again. We’d vote for George W Bush before we’d vote for a progressive president ever again. And we fucking haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaated George Bush.

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