Does Bill Cosby know what the word ‘innuendo’ means?

Bill Cosby Defends His Silence: I Don’t “Have to Answer to Innuendos”

He obviously thinks ‘innuendo’ means ‘rumor’. But no, Bill, they’re all coming out of the woodwork saying “Bill Cosby drugged and raped me” when I was like 17 or some shit. They give the year, the age, the location, even describe the patchwork on his robe. They’re all straight up accusing him of rape. It doesn’t get any clearer than a DIRECT accusation. No one is alluding or hinting at anything, everyone is saying he is a rapist. But it’s not surprising that he doesn’t know how to use the word ‘innuendo’, serial rapists aren’t known for their staggering intellect or their way with words.

We’d also love to know what he’s talking about when he says “if you bring a weapon then it’s bad for everybody”. Well, we don’t know if it’s bad for everyone but we sure know it’s bad for the little white girls Bill Cosby ruffied and raped. If you’re white or light and Bill Cosby hands you a drink, you better turn and run.

What could be more gross than Bill Cosby’s penis? His entire pubic region, omg. And you KNOW that shit does NOT smell right, holy Jesus. Those poor women, thank God they were knocked out. Those poor girls that were forced to perform oral? Holy fucking hell. We might even have to forgive Geraldo Rivera for forcing us all to think about his revolting penis and saggy balls all the time, it can’t be nearly as horrendous as Bill Cosby’s.

What we want to know now is, are his raping days over? When was the last time he drug-raped a woman? What is the final number going to be? And do you think his wife is mad at him or is she just happy she didn’t have to have sex with him?

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