Did A Bunch Of Women Of Color Decide To Bare Their Tig Ol’ Bitties To Save Black Women’s Lives? NOPE!

Tig Ole Bitties

When we saw the¬†headline:¬†Bare-Breasted Women Stop Traffic to Protest Police Killings of Black Women, we immediately smelled a rat. It seemed like some weirdo Femen bullshit. We know that not only are women never the focus for “social justice” organizations, black women are certainly never the focus of anything at all. After the most cursory examination we found that it is indeed some kind of weirdo Femen bullshit. Just a tad more convoluted.

Like Femen, (a group of men who run a faux feminst org that fights gender inequality by having women bear their breasts in public) this protest was the brainchild of a think tank called the African American Policy Forum which is an organization that addresses “…the bases of discrimination as they relate to the intersections of race, gender and class,” … whose Chairman of the Board is a white dude from Patterson, NJ. George Lipsitz. See how that works? This org says it wants to fight for poor, women of color and yet the Chairman of the Board is a successful white man.

Whenever you see something that seems odd, like “Why would a bunch of ostensibly poor women of color ever think that flashing their tig ol’ bitties would help other poor women of color?”… if you just dig a tiny bit, you’ll find that of course a group of poor women of color didn’t just DECIDE to put their breasts on display to “help” other poor women of color. With very little effort, you’ll find a dude (often white) somewhere in the background who pulls the strings. How hilarious is it that the Chairman of the Board of a group that wants to address discrimination as it relates to race, gender and class is a full fledged member of the ruling class as it pertains to race, gender and class? You really just could not make this shit up.

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