Cynthia Nixon’s Bisexuality And Her “Choice” of Words

we don’t have anything against Cynthia Nixon, and we loved Sex and the City in spite of how rabidly sexist it was, ANYWAY, you live in this world so you make the best of it, WHATEVER. but at some point you have to wonder what is going on in people’s minds when they say some of the things they say. why would you continue on with these bizarre controversial statements about your sexuality and drag everyone into a fight with you about it? is it because she’s trying to draw attention to herself and her play?

we don’t care if fake-christian extremist right wingers think being a Lesbian is a choice or not, we’re far too busy judging their sexually depraved and spiritually bankrupt lives, so we’re just not that concerned. what bothers us is the constant deception from women who lie and say they are Lesbians when they are not Lesbians at all, then think they are going to brow beat real Lesbians into submission and tell us that WE are “divisive” when we don’t just swallow what they are shoving down our throats. the community does have to remind them that NO you are NOT a Lesbian, dear, if you lust and lusted after men for decades and enjoy guzzling cocks, you are not a Lesbian just because you are in one relationship with a woman, or like women more. this has nothing to do with us liking or not liking bisexuals, we love plenty of them. it is simply untrue to say “everyone likes to beat up on bisexuals” and that that’s why they lie and say they are Lesbians. what we DO “beat up” on is people who selfishly lie at OUR expense. when will these women stop LYING? you can’t help but to start thinking it’s because they are making money off of being a ‘Lesbian’ even though they are bisexual. when these women turn around and start gurgling dicks again after their same-sex relationship is over it ends up looking like LESBIANS don’t exist, but it was never true in the first place, they never were Lesbians, they were lying, and people should be held accountable for lying, especially when they are in the public eye.

she is CLEARLY promoting the play she’s in, she shaved her head for it. she’s doing the whole serious actress i’ll do what needs to be done for the role and shave my head thing, and whatever, we would have supported it but she’s chasing her tail and really should put a lid on the weird crude statements. the producers probably made her change her statement, they don’t want the LGBT psychos on their back because homos and liberals are the only people who will ever go see “Wit.”

someone wrote that spin she put out saying she meant it’s a choice for HER because she is bisexual and she CHOOSES to be with a woman and not a man but doesn’t use that technical term to describe herself. it’s bad spin and it’s insulting to back-pedal like that and pretend you were misunderstood when your FIRST response to people being pissed was basically fuck you i stand by what i said. if you were really misunderstood you’re FIRST reaction would be to TRY to correct it, not say go fuck yourself you can’t define me. lying like that makes her look stupid and cowardly and it insults the public and Lesbians in particular. because the cock swilling once the relationship with a woman ends truly IS why people don’t think real Lesbians exist, sure we may be hot for chicks, who isn’t, but if we could get a dick we’re hopping on it in 2.2 seconds. they think Nixon could get a dude and her girlfriend couldn’t, but it’s the opposite, CLEARLY she does not WANT to be appealing to men, HELLO!

anyway, we get shit all the time when we say ‘Lesbians are not bisexual’ and it is attitudes like hers that makes for a LOT of contention with actual Lesbians. we don’t blame her or even dislike her, AND homos didn’t jump down Ricky Martin’s throat when he said, in no uncertain terms, that he thoroughly enjoyed all of his previous romantic and sexual relationships with women, OUR first thought was ‘bisexual’ so, we don’t blame her, we blame everyone who didn’t tell her that Lesbians are not bisexual when she joined the ranks.

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