Our Comments On: Jeff Bezos Sells 1 Million Amazon Shares, Pocketing Over $250 Million After Washington Post Splurge

Yeah well he needs to offset the money he threw at the newspaper. He thinks that eventually newspapers will be high end luxury items. For the rich and powerful. But he’s not making anything off it for now

Right now he’s gonna ramp up the internet shit of course but he isn’t expecting to make money off it, it’ll pay for itself but it’s a vanity project not some mogul who is getting into the blogging and newspaper biz to to cash in. He didn’t say what we just said, all he said was what he expects newspapers will become. We’re just explaining what he’s doing financially with it to support it.

People think that whatever a rich person does means they see some way of making money that others don’t. He’ll make it support itself but it isn’t because he’s gonna make CASH with this shit.

A vanity project is when you want something to be so, you aren’t doing it because it makes good business sense. It means you have enough money and diversity. Why do it? A vanity project? Because you’re richer than God and you can. The world is a toy. You like affecting the world and there is no greater display of power than affecting the WORLD with a WHIM. Which is one of the many reasons kings were so awful. Always inflicting their whims on the world.

Once you have money it’s easy to make money. Once you have an obscene amount of money, well all you can do is just keep making obscene amounts of money. Boring. So they do crazy shit vanity projects. Some vanity projects can be very lucrative like Donald Trump’s show but by and large his are not. Donald had TONS of vanity projects that flopped huge. But his show is an example of a vanity project that was lucrative. The show was a success in all ways. Bezos isn’t expecting that type of success.

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