“Cis” doesn’t “just” mean the opposite of transgender

Cis references our genitals whereas transgender does not. Trans does not expose trans people’s genitals. Even though 85-95% of transgenders retain the genitals they were born with, the term trans means we have no idea what is going on downtown. When transgenders say they’ve medically “transitioned” it means at best they got breast implants if male or had a double (bilateral) mastectomy if female and are taking some cross-sex hormones. And it’s a mortal SIN to ask them any questions so vast majority of people don’t know anything about them.

Cis on the other hand specifically references our genitals, and when applied to women is dangerous because it erroneously frames women as “privileged” based on our genitals. Cis is referencing A. Our genitals. B. That we’re fine with them. C. They match our supposed “identity”. and D. Assigns privilege because of our genitals. It is an invented term that mostly targets women and puts a bunch of bullshit on us, then transgender activists say: It simply means the opposite of trans. If pushed they regurgitate the technical meaning it’s supposed to be even though that is not at all how it is used.

First of all, why do we need to frame ourselves as the opposite of trans people, a fraction of a fraction of the population? Are “feminists” really at a loss here? Regardless, you can’t have it both ways. If transgendered people don’t want people calling them terms they don’t like why are they inventing inaccurate dangerous terms for the ENTIRE population? And then they assign whatever meaning they want to their made up words. Cis cannot be divorced from the “privileged” meme because privilege is it’s entire point. Which when applied to women, and especially to lesbians is preposterous. The transgendered wanted a label so they could contrast the imagined privilege women have to trans “oppression”. There is no need for a popularized term for the masses, there is no need for women to start identifying themselves as “cis women” or “cis lesbians”. Vast majority of men will never will go along with that bullshit, it only affects idiotic women. But it is used as a slur, it is used as a hate-word, it is used to assign erroneous privilege to women, a marginalized class BASED on our GENITALS. So, we wholly reject cis.

You can’t ignore how “cis” is used. When the words tranny are used as derogatory words you can’t divorce the word from how it’s being used so some trans people are trying to change it even though most are fine with these terms. But transgender activists can’t have this innocent little game like “No, I’m just identifying you as cis because you’re the opposite of trans” … well, actually no, you don’t have to identify or NAME us like colonists, we’re not not-transgendered. Trans is not the standard by which women identify themselves. We are women. We are lesbians. Period. End of.

And by the by, how many women in this culture of pussy-hatred do you know who are hunky-dory, A-OK, no issues with their pussies anyway? Seriously, learn something about WOMEN if you want to be one, for the LOVE OF GOD! Lesbians sometimes do a lil better with this issue, but if you knew a single fucking thing about being a “woman” you’d know this. A huge part of the sex positive movement before it became about hawking porno was to get women to not be disgusted by and ashamed of their own vaginas and to be OK with receiving oral sex. WTF are transgendered activists even talking about us being “cis” because it means women are “just fine with” and our brains matching our genitals to our identity? Please do GFYS.

Cis and trans are not equal terms. We’re not gonna pretend that the word is just the opposite of trans when it is not. They invented “cis” specifically to assign privilege. We’re not going to go along with some horse shit game pretending that it is just the opposite. Male and Female are equal oposites. It exposes both sexes’ genitals. Cis and trans does not. Cis exposes only women’s (and men’s) genitals and keeps trans people’s genitals hidden and unknown (to the masses). Cis is specifically used to assign the privilege meme, this is not an academic paper discussing the sociological or biological difference between trans women and cis women. Strictly under those specific circumstances we wouldn’t really take umbrage with it even though many use the less offensive term non-trans, but that is NOT how cis is used. You don’t get to take something out of it’s context of use, apply something like privilege to it and pretend you’re still using it in it’s original context. Sorry. You don’t get to use it as a slur mainly at lesbians amongst other dehumanizing terms trans activists invent, and pretend you’re using it in some innocent innocuous context when you’re not.

For a group that is so fiercely protective of their right to identify however they feel like it, to have the audacity to not only label and identify women, but to re-name women in terms of themselves is outrageously hypocritical to the point of pathology, and not to mention misogynistic. As women, we now have to contrast ourselves to biologically male trans-women to define ourselves??? They’ve decided we’re no longer women, or lesbians, we’re cis women and cis lesbians and if we don’t do what the tran activists tell us to do we’re bigoted cissexist transphobes??? As if transgender women are the standard? The majority? Half of the human race has to identify ourselves with labels a minuscule group of biologically male trans-women gave us? With slurs they’ve slapped on us and we have to pretend they’re not slurs? Have you lost your minds?

If LGBT isn’t your community this doesn’t directly affect you at the moment, it will eventually when enough anti-woman transgender legislation has passed and something pops off, but this is a profoundly damaging issue affecting lesbians, it doesn’t matter that most lesbos prefer to put their heads in the sand and ignore it. The transgender agenda does not seek equality, cis is just a symptom of that, they want women and lesbian women to re-define ourselves in contrast to trans-women by setting us up inherently as their “oppressors”. Which is again, very dangerous. People don’t like supposed oppressors. And this all leads naturally to the “Cotton Ceiling” which is the transgender campaign to re-define lesbian sexuality to include sex with biologically male trans-women, and to label us bigoted transphobes if we do not consider them viable sex partners.


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