Candy Crowley Should Be Bitch Slapped On National Television

stubenville-rapistsThe Steubenville rape case verdict came in and CNN’s live report is outrageous. They’ve got to be kidding with this. We can’t believe this is from CNN. Not Fox News. Candy Crowley can’t IMAGINE how EMOTIONAL receiving the bullshit nothing sentence was for these rapists.

This “news clip” is BEYOND rape apologist, it’s making the rapists the VICTIMS. All three loonbags in this clip should be forced to gargle with bleach. They have taken rape apologist horror a step FURTHER, now the precious “lil boys” are the victims. We can’t even process this and get properly angry it’s so defeating and INSANE.

We expect this kind of thing from the moron named Poppy and some old man but you’d think someone with a stripper name would know a thing or two about rape and could imagine how EMOTIONAL it is for the lil girl. But no, Candy is blown away at how EMOTIONAL it must have been for the rapists being sentenced, she can’t IMAGINE it. We’re utterly disgusted we got “the poor lil rapists” from her too. She hosted the vice-presidential debate which was a huge feather in her feminist G-string and now she has the balls to paint the rapists as the victims? NOT ONE of these loonbags said a thing about the LITTLE GIRL!!! ON CNN! What the hell are we watching?! Is it 1958? Did we just have a fever dream and think it was the 21st century? WISH THERE WAS SOMETHING MORE THAN CAPS SO WE COULD SCREAM MORE!!!

Two years in juvenile facility for the rapist Trent but only because he circulated pics, the other rapist gets a year. That’s it? They won’t even go to prison, they’re just going to juvie. Great. Justice served. We still can’t believe the prosecution allowed them to be tried as juveniles.

And that rapist crying and his lawyer hugging him, Jesus Christ. Are they fucking kidding with that? Yeah well, sniveling fucks don’t like it when they get caught and punished. If the Steubenville authorities could have written this off as “boys will be boys” they would have. If the girl was remotely awake and there were no pictures this never would have went to trial.

We’re supposed to feel sorry for the rapists now. Ma’lik said he had “no intentions” in doing something like this. Yeah ya did. GFYS. The problem is rapists know right from wrong but do what they WANT to do anyway. Which is far worse. And the other little rapist had the balls to only apologize for taking the picture. And NEITHER of them apologized for RAPING her.

stubenville-rapists-carrying-victimThe display in the clip is nauseating and we want to punch Poppy the reporter in the fucking face. The slant on this shit is OUTRAGEOUS! These juveniles! Are you kidding, bitch? It was hard to watch? Ya know what was hard to see, the pictures they tweeted of the girl being carried around like a sack of meat so they could all rape her. This was a disgusting travesty because no one even knows what happened. This trial only even happened because the shit was on Facebook and Instagram. They wanted this over fast, they only picked two boys when many were involved and they only charged them with what we guess should be described as finger-rape! Yeah ok. They carried the girl around and transported her from place to place. They have GOT to be kidding with this. Half of that town should be fucking blown up.

Most of the complaints we’ve seen on-line are about the judge mentioning alcohol and people pointing out that the girl put herself in a position to be raped by drinking. There’s a fine line between blaming a girl and pointing shit out for a good reason, so little girls KNOW they ARE prey.  We do think girls and women should be aware that they are prey and will make themselves EASIER prey by being drunk and stoned. This is not a bad thing to say. Not all men are rapists, not all women who get raped are drunk and high but being around men and boys when you’re all fucked up will increase your chances of being raped. We know some people will take this the wrong way and of course there is NO question that men and boys who are rapists are responsible for these crimes but we don’t have a problem with anyone taking the opportunity to point out that drinking and doing drugs puts women and girls at a higher risk of sexual assault and rape. Anyone who knows us for more than five minutes KNOWS we get it. If WE passed laws we’d give all involved the chair. But we think it’s a good time to also say that being drunk and high around ANY group of males makes you easier prey. It doesn’t matter if you know the guys and went to 1st grade with them.

There is a line. Saying it in a way that puts responsibility on the girl for being the victim of rape is sick and wrong. End of sentence. But what better time to say that lots of lil girls get fucked up at parties and how dangerous that is? They think they are safe and among friends. They aren’t. It was other GIRLS who basically called her a liar and a slut in that courtroom. It makes us sick but it’s little girls, of course they sided with the boys over their friend. No one lives the disparity between men and women more than sexually active lil girls. Boys “liking” you becomes the most important thing in your world. Other girls are your competition for this most coveted value. Only lil girls outside of this kind of socialization could ever not be the most disgusting traitors. These boys are the star players on the football team in a football obsessed town. You don’t get more popular than that in a hometown like Steubenville. No young men have more value than these vile lil fucks. The more value the boys have the more conferred on any girl they turn their attention to. It’s disgusting that it was her friends who were smearing her but what we expected.

We may not like people drawing attention to her being messed up while discussing the intricacies of rape but the point needs to be made that as a lil girl, you are not safe, not that “it’s your fault” because you got drunk or stoned. Lil girls GET so fucked up because drinking and smoking weed and taking other drugs is new to them and they don’t know just how fucked up they can get. Their bodies are different than boys and most girls can’t handle the amount of alcohol and drugs boys can. They don’t know how unsafe it is. Adult women can’t even handle themselves all drunk and high, lil girls sure as shit can’t.

We may not mind the discussion about the dangers of getting all wasted but what we hated more than anything was how the media keeps talking about the TRAGEDY that happened today in court. The TRAGEDY was not today nor did it happen in court. The TRAGEDY already HAPPENED and it was when these two raped that lil girl, dragged her around like a sack of meat, left her naked and violated, then posted pics of all the fun they had. Today was a piss poor version of JUSTICE. Two perpetrators were prevented from graduating high school and going to college and creating MORE rape victims. Today more TRAGEDY was PREVENTED. These rapists are getting locked up for half a minute so they won’t be able to create more RAPE TRAGEDY!

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