Most long time listeners (of when we did the podcast) know that part of TLM is Indigenous……

It’s always so offensive listening to over-privileged bourgie left wingers and feminists rambling about Indigenous people, because they don’t know the first thing about it.

They regurgitate shit the tribal governments puts out. Not the PEOPLE. They are so clueless and it’s SO offensive. If you’re gonna take it upon yourself to babble incoherently about a culture you so clearly know nothing about but pretend you do because your over-privileged know-nothing professor misinformed you or you read some websites’ garbage or you think you’re connected to indigenous people because you’re a pothead, you might wanna reconsider pushing forward any “Native American” tribe’s GOVERNMENT bullshit. You are not talking for or about the Indigenous PEOPLE when you are sucking the tribal government’s balls, dear.

Literally every single time over-privileged liberals try to act down in some way, it just shows the degree to which they are not. But the world is full of people faking that they’re smart and spreading misinformation. The internet is a garbage dump of misinformation spreaders and television competes for the airtime to misinform our very misinformed public.

Meanwhile, the reason one of our Grandmas didn’t know how old she was, is because she was born on a reservation and she’d tell you herself that things would NOT be better if tribes were running shit, especially for women. Look up the instance of rape on reservations and how the women are treated, especially when they come forward.

We, on the other hand, enjoyed a beautiful Thanksgiving and Christmas season filled with amazing food, family, friends, kids and laughter but made sure we found 15 minutes to come online to tell the over-privileged hate-brigade how full of SHIT they are. There’s ALWAYS time for that! Xxo

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