Thoughts On: British Parliament rejects immediate use of force in Syria

At least the UK abides by their laws, goes to parliament and they get to decide NO we’re not fucking doing that. We wish we had a law abiding president. Our president is doing whatever the hell he wants BUT libs wouldn’t know or care because they think Miley Cyrus twerking is as important as a renegade president. There’s nothing more important than slapping white bitches for weeks on end not the fact that Obama has greatly expanded executive authority in most cases illegally! But white bitches are the problem and our oppressors while our president continually takes a giant dump on our constitution.

Now Obama has a big shit sandwhich on his hands because our bitch the UK who always goes along with our shit followed the laws of their land and asked the government and they opted out. GOOD. Now we’ll see what Obama does. And the degree to which he doesn’t give fuck. Libs don’t even understand how outraged they should be by Obama and they do not give one flying shit about brown people. Unless they’re gonna gargle a brown dick, they are clueless. Slapping white bitches, defending degeneracy and complaining about inane minutia is all they are good for. Useless extremist loonbags who can’t get a THING done.

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