Update: Big blow to Gay/Trans Inc’s efforts to get Tax Payer Funded Sex-Changes for (male) Transgender “women” in jail (in this case for sub-human brutal murder of his wife)

Which federal court ruled the state must pay for a (male) trans-woman, who is in jail for murdering his wife, to have sex-change surgery?


BUT the state appealed it. Not happening. Federal appeals court overturns ruling granting sex-change surgery for convicted murderer . This is a big hit to the Gay/Trans effort to get male transgender “women’s” genital plastic surgeries, breast implants, electrolysis, facial plastic surgery, synthetic estrogen, vocal training and only god knows how long that list is of what they wanted paid for by taxpayers. 

The regular picture above is what he looked like when he MURDERED his wife, on the right and then the docile lady version on the left, three years later.

We’re glad Frank at least had the sack to say this is ridiculous and Elizabeth Warren agreed. That special victims bullshit gets very old, very fast, when so many people are hurting and trying to make ends meet all over the world.

Richard Kosilek (Michelle), is in prison for the brutal, sub-human murder of his wife.

“Kosilek has been incarcerated in a male prison, serving a life sentence without parole for murdering his wife in 1990.”


You can’t have it both ways. Is he saying he has a mental illness or he doesn’t? One thing seems consistent, is that transgenders pick and choose when they say they’re mentally ill. We’re assuming that is why the court ruled how they did at first, that surgery would be a treatment for mental issues. People would probably have less of a problem allowing tax payer money for this sex-reassignment plastic surgery IF everyone acknowledged they have a mental illness. This will never happen though, so no, you don’t get it paid for. And we don’t even think they have an illness. Transgendering is just a misogynist answer to gender issues, MANY (not all) trans activists and their supporters are some of the most hostile woman-hating people we have EVER come across in our lives. And the very fact that LGBT are supporting a man who murdered his wife is a beautiful display of the LGBT community’s open and in your face hateful misogyny. (See also Cotton Ceiling)

Be whatever you want to be and stop making it SO ridiculous that you have a special persecution and you were put in the wrong body. Gender roles are constricting, welcome to the human race, you aren’t special.

He murdered his wife. This needs to be said over and over. Murdered his wife. He didn’t beat a bitch, he MURDERED her. Like thousands upon thousands of men do every single day … day after day, century after century, all over the world.

Think about MURDERING someone just for a second……………….You don’t now get your ELECTIVE PLASTIC SURGERY paid for so you can get into the WOMEN’S JAIL, pal. Medicaid won’t pay to save tons of kids who are dying slow agonizing deaths from cancer. THAT is MEDICALLY necessary. But tax payers are supposed to pay for a MURDERER to get sexual reassignment PLASTIC SURGERY? ARE YOU INSANE?

And all this murderous fuck has been doing in jail for decades is suing the DOC, very expensive tax payer funded law suits. He sues for shit like the “right” to wear eyeshadow in jail. He had a fantasy wedding ceremony with another jailed transgender. He said vows to an enlarged photograph and requested the other trannies’ “spiritual presence”, it’s all in his fantasyland lunacy “autobiography”.

And we can’t stand when liberals start their hoooorse shit about “cost”. Oh, it would cost less to just give him the surgery instead of fighting it. Um no, because then tax payers would have to pay for ALL of them FOREVER. Every single one, forever. And even if that WERE the case, which it isn’t, we don’t care if giving the MURDERER what he wants is CHEAPER. That is how our world got as screwed as it is. Not doing the right thing but doing what is cheaper. Whoever thinks that crap, should be the CEO of McDonalds. It’s CHEAPER to sell frankenfood that kills people, so they do, doesn’t matter that it isn’t right.

If WE passed laws we’d give him “reassignment” surgery, alright! We’d give this sick fuck the chair for MURDERING HIS WIFE. Strangling her with piano wire with such force he nearly decapitated her. Hello?!

Update: Love how the gay news is reporting on “Michelle” Kosilek, the trans-woman incarcerated in an all-male prison. (cont)

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