Alexyss K. Tylor “Wash Yo Nuts”

This is epic…..and we’ve been saying the same thing for years.

In our male dominated world you continually hear about how women supposedly “smell” when dudes stink to high heaven!

And much love to our boy-friends but you know damn well where we’re coming from with this one.

More below the fold…

Favorite comment read: “A lotta men stank enough to knock a buzzard off a shit truck. Yet I don’t see a ‘masculine hygiene’ aisle in any store. Too much attention is placed on women’s genitals to make us feel bad and fill us up with self loathing. Men do stink bad.”

Some of her other vids are positively OUT of control and hilarious, but this b*tch deserves an award for making the one above!

As far as we’re concerned she’s a legend!

Thanks to Kiko Lombardi at for sharing the laughs.

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