A left wing amazon like the Washington Post on pedophile teachers…

So the blogosphere has been losing their minds over this article at the the Washington Post, written by a woman. Left wing and feminist rags publish this kind of depravity without incident when written by left wing feminist men like Hugo Schwyzer but a woman wrote this one, hence the outrage.

So why was it written? A good question to ask and the answer is $$$.

We’re not even gonna address any of the ridiculous “opinions” in this idiotic piece of filth. It’s intent is to get clicks and cause outrage, nothing more. There is no analysis, just some off hand claims about how severe punishment for teachers having sex with their students makes shit more dangerous. Really? How do you figure? Oh you don’t figure, you don’t explain even remotely how it’s more dangerous, imply at best but say nothing, and give zero thought or analysis.

She quotes some piglet left wing darling like Luis CK, a comic, whose JOB it is to say “outrageous” shit so morons will pay to hear more. Oh maybe child molesters wouldn’t kill their victims if the punishment wasn’t so severe? Ohhhh you sage Louie, what deep thought. BUT we digress. Our point is, the reason shit like this gets published is $$$$$. The CEO of Amazon just bought the Washington Post and it’s websites (with the exception of Slate). And anyone who has seen this year’s Washington Post’s financial statement, will see that like all papers, they are hemorrhaging money. The post lost $54 million in revenue in 2012 on top of a $21 million loss in revenue in 2011. $75 million in lost revenue in just two years, which is why the owners bailed. They made $250 million from the sale to Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, and that fucker doesn’t intend to just throw away that 250 mil. he’s gonna focus on ON-LINE revenue which is the only sector that showed any growth, albeit minimal. The word is gonna flow from the top down. We want clicks, LOTS of clicks. So post outrageous shit that gets people buzzing and clicking. This ridiculous piece of fluff garbage is exactly what gets clicks. It’s been all over twitter. And have a stupid woman say this kind of shit, it will ALLOW us to post outlandish shit, we’ll use dumb bitches and they’ll be only too happy to be used to make our investment pay off. And then feeb mouthpieces can have their facsimiled outrage and pretend they’re standing up against it.

Whenever you see some ridiculous shit like this the first thing you should think is, where’s the money? Lo and behold, Wapo not only had a piss poor financial statement, they JUST got sold to Bezos. Suddenly all is clear. Don’t react emotionally to this kind of garbage and get all outraged, when something is this outlandish, ask yourself, where’s the money? THEN get outraged, for the right reasons. We despise the media and blogosphere.

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