(71) Are We Podfading?

Understatement of the year: “That really hurt me;” Nona’s World War II PTSD poverty complex; Some chatting w/friends re: Liza Minelli; Lez Social Scene; Mr. Softee; Being taken advantage of by one of Giulliani’s; Dirty Talk; Your vadge & chlorinated toxins, including dioxin; Sister Louis Marie & more!

This one’s a little slow moving, it’s been a while.

P.S. – If you mis-take this intro for “making fun of fat people” and NOT the hilarity of a crazy news piece, you might want to continue listening b4 getting nutty. We have never once made fun of “fat” people…and even if we did…if you can’t laugh at yourself then you have NO place listening to THIS show anyway. Take care brush your hair. Be neat brush your teeth.

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