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Ok, this is going to be rambly but we watched one of the leaked undercover Planned Parenthood videos. We can’t believe how some people are acting like it’s nothing. It’s actually is pretty horrifying because you can see the little developed eyes, hands, and feet and then it’s splattered like an egg yolk. We didn’t include a link because we’re being lazy, look them up quickly if you want to see them.

So, we are completely pro-choice and have spent years fighting for women’s right to choose but liberals have got to be kidding talking about abortion as flippantly as they do. Most of the girls don’t even want the abortions, they’re poor and/or the guy skipped out. Girls and women absolutely need access to legal safe abortion, we don’t think PP should be de-funded but we do NOT like how they roll. They are too unethical. Way too many people who used to work there have horror stories and end up being extreme loon-bag pro-lifers after what they’ve seen and for good reason. Still, women and girls need access to birth control and abortion. But sorry to say it, Planned Parenthood is a very suspicious outfit. They are also the first mofugs who will be like “MEN need abortions too” about (female) trans-men and that hormones for trannies are “Women’s Healthcare” and this kind of psychotic loonybaggery which has completely sabotaged women’s healthcare in general. Google how many women’s clinics have shut down in the past 5 years alone, you’ll catch a clue as to how damaging it has been. Planned Parenthood also has hosted Cotton Ceiling workshops for men who identify as women aka trannies who view lesbians not having sex with them as “transphobic bigotry” and “hate” and “exclusion”. Cotton Ceiling workshops at PP taught trannies how to break into the Cotton Ceiling ie women’s panties, which is their “Cotton Ceiling”, it’s a play on the ‘glass ceiling’. Beyond offensive. No women allowed in these workshops btw. So really, Planned Parenthood should really go fuck themSELVES (pardon the pun) but still we do understand that they unfortunately need to exist.

There is however something wrong with the level of de-sensitization you need to be all abortion gung-ho. We don’t think abortion OR birth control pills are the answer, they are necessary evils. Harm reduction. And we’re all for harm reduction models. But like we’ve said before, taking the HARM out of harm reduction, ruins the model. Birth control is less harm than abortion but harm nonetheless. It frees men more than women but is necessary if retarded straight women (forgive us) are going to try to be people. We will always support abortion and birth control but liberals have turned it all into “no biggie” and that actually hurts women and girls. MRAs and trannies can DO half of what they do because everyone acts like big huge deals for little girls and women are NOTHING. Planned Parenthood unfortunately needs to exist because it wasn’t available to women on a small scale. Because feminists dropped the ball. Who wants to be an abortion doctor? It was always women who cared about other women and greedy disgusting men looking to make cash. If you just scratch the surface of the history of abortion when it was illegal, it’s enough to make you want to die. That history shaped our view even though we always thought that abortion, in and of itself, is horrendous. It is a bad solution to a much larger problem but a solution nonetheless. If the right really wanted to eradicate abortion, they’d address the lot of women. They don’t want to do that, they want to keep bitches shackled. ‎Until we make more head way on the larger problem, we unfortunately need PP. MEN should have their own pill. Mother fuckers should be FORCED to take it like we’re in the futuristic dystopia the left wants to bring about. Make it so those fuckers can’t stop using it until they can support a child. Because the woman who pushes the baby out has to care-take. Instead of restricting women and jacking our hormones, why not restrict men for a change? If restriction is the answer and your “go to” then let’s do it fuckers, but restrict the dudes for a change. But we can’t do that. The right wouldn’t be down for restricting dudes and putting it on them. It’s the females they want in shackles.

All this said, all we ever have to do is read something a fun-feminist posts about how dudes are free to fuck them with wild abandon, when they can full well afford to pay for their own birth control, it makes us want to slam Planned Parenthood’s doors shut ourselves and throw away the key. JUST KIDDING. But we WOULD love to abort THEM however. Hahaha many, many people need post-natal abortions. Which incidentally was the name a friend’s band in high school LoL. It means “after-birth” abortion. Get it? Get it? Get it?

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