Liberal progressives who forgot the AIDS epidemic have the same exact arguments against Ebola safe-gaurds

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We’re tired of progressives telling everyone “Oh calm down with the Ebola hysteria will ya…” and acting like the mandatory quarantine is like sending someone to the Gulag. Like we said the other day, thank god Cuomo and Christie understand that safe-guards could prevent the chances of getting Ebola here and it doubling exponentially. The risk of contracting Ebola in the U.S. is minimal right now, it’s practically non-existent but we need to keep it that way. And not for nuthin’, a few weeks ago the risk of infection in the U.S. was zero. This outbreak in Africa is spreading like wildfire and is nothing like all previous outbreaks. The biggest Ebola outbreak in the past claimed the lives of 224 of the 425 people infected. This outbreak has already claimed the lives of almost 5,000 of the over 10,000 infected. They estimate that this outbreak so far has about a 70% mortality rate and 100% if you’re pregnant or immune compromised, so 2,000 more of those 10,000 who already have it are expected to succumb to the disease. But hey, there’s apparently no cause for concern so stop acting like there is anything we could actually DO to prevent it from spreading here in the U.S.

We saw the same type of arguments against safe-guards being put in place for the blood-supply back in the early days of the AIDS epidemic when THOUSANDS upon thousands of hemophiliacs, mothers, babies and surgery patients became infected and died because of pleas for inaction. The overwhelmingly left-leaning medical community and “progressives” (as well as the right who were in charge politically) back in the 80s did not want to put any safe-guards in place for our nation’s blood supply, so we didn’t. Their reasoning for not putting any safe-guards in place for the blood-supply was that they didn’t want to “cause hysteria”, they didn’t want to “discourage people from helping” and they didn’t want to “make the problem worse”. Sounds REALLY familiar but now we have hindsight and can see even more clearly how unfounded their objections actually were and we can count the THOUSANDS upon thousands who died because of their inaction. But assholes don’t ever want to learn from mistakes or history, they just want to always get their way because they THINK they know better. They’re better people after-all right? They MUST know better. Well, they didn’t know SHIT during the early days of the AIDS epidemic and they were WRONG to not try to protect the blood-supply. We have thousands upon thousands of dead people to show just how wrong they were.

At the time, the virus for HIV had not been identified so there was no test for the virus; it was still just conjecture that it was even a new virus that was causing the awful “wasting disease” that was beginning to mow down members of the gay male community and intravenous drug users. Doctors and scientists who had experience with this new “wasting disease” knew it was a new virus, they just hadn’t proved it yet. Kind of like how some doctors and scientists who have experience with Ebola believe it could turn airborne but they haven’t proved it yet, but we digress.

When it became abundantly clear that the “DO NOTHING” and “DON’T PANIC” crowd couldn’t keep their heads in the sand any longer over the developing AIDS epidemic, the few scientists who urged action in order to prevent the total contamination of our nation’s blood-supply had a big meeting with the blood-banks, the CDC, the NIH, the NYC and San Francisco health departments and some gay dudes. There was no test for HIV but some dude at Stanford developed a T-cell based test and some other dudes noted that 80% of the “wasting disease” patients tracked by the CDC at the time also had been exposed to Hepatitis B, SO even though there was no “proof” of HIV or an actual test for it, the nation’s blood-supply COULD be safe-guarded if we used the T-cell and/or the Hepatitis B test. The do-nothing “PREVENT HYSTERIA” crowd said they absolutely would not use these tests because they had false positives so they did not want to create donor “hysteria”, they were afraid people would stop denoting blood and afraid more gay dudes would go donate blood just to get their blood tested to see if they had AIDS. ALL of these objections could have EASILY been addressed but instead, we didn’t put safe-guards in place for the blood supply and thousands upon thousands of people got AIDS from blood transfusions and died.

Today, liberal progressives give us the same types of excuses for not restricting travel from Liberia and not imposing mandatory quarantines for those who were in direct contact with Ebola patients. Their concerns can be addressed. Just like the same types of concerns could have been addressed back in the 80s during the AIDS crisis. But “progressives” are unwilling to discuss it. The media has hammered home the concern of the “DO NOTHING” crowd, only this time we have had three governors break with the tradition. Just like during the AIDS epidemic the Stanford blood bank broke the do-nothing tradition and tested their small blood supply and ended up saving 33 people’s lives. Not a big number but if you’re one of those 33, it means everything. It could have been thousands that were saved and not just 33 if the “do nothing” crowd hadn’t won the day.

When the left wing is forced, they eventually address shit but too often do nothing to prevent the shit from hitting the fan. You can always come up with scenarios where people will panic and act a fool and use that as a reason to not act. The AIDS epidemic caused widespread panic and many people are not proud of their behavior during that time period but once the shit clearly hit the fan, the left geared up with education so people would stop freaking. They instituted the whole condom push to save people’s lives. They raised money for AIDS research and wrestled with the right for federally funded research and to get public benefits for those who were HIV positive and being treated badly. If it had been up to the right, they wouldn’t have done anything and didn’t do anything until they had to either. Gays only have the political power they have now because of how the right handled AIDS. You create victims, you give them political power. And the left most certainly did not help the gays either. When the CDC wanted to shut down the gay bath houses, they flipped out and fought it like dogs. And gays continued to go there and get and spread HIV/AIDS.

There’s a great scene in ‘And the Band Played On’ where they are in a city council meeting or some shit in San Francisco and the gay men are going WILD about keeping the bath houses open and the guy from the CDC is like “WTF? We’re trying to save their lives” to Lilly Tomlin’s character and she’s like they don’t understand what they’re doing. She basically tells him that they just see it as another attack on them instead of trying to help them. The left derides any and everything as “hate” when you want to try to prevent the shit from inevitably hitting the fan and then they finally get their shit in gear once there is a pile of bodies. Can we skip that dance and try to do something about it first THEN if that doesn’t work, do your thing and rectify the situation? It’s what they’re good at, re-dress, but they are dangerously ineffectual when it comes to trying to prevent a cluster fuck.

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